Zucchini Carrot Super Rich Brownies from scratch



Super Rich Zucchini Carrot Brownies from scratch!

I am in a weird cooking mood lately. I am usually very content with my good ol stand by recipes. I find myself wanting to experiment more often these days. I am desperate for a road trip, so maybe it is that yearning manifested in the kitchen? Whatever the reason I have been reading other cooking blogs like crazy. I have a very weird way of cooking, you will almost never see me in the kitchen with a recipe in hand or a cookbook laid out. What I do is read for days online or in old cookbooks/magazines that I have, both similar recipes and ones with the same ingredients. After a week or so of absorbing all this information I am ready to get in the kitchen, and by this time my mind is made up as to how I am going to make my recipe. With baking I have been much more cautious, as I have mentioned before, baking is not my strength. So I rely heavily on the experts and try to stay as close to their recipes as possible. Or at the very least ensure I have equal parts dry and wet ingredients if I tweak it.

This past week what started on a quest to make a different kind of Banana Bread went in a completely different direction when I started reading through the blog Mom on Time Out. She has some really great recipes but the one that caught my eye and I knew I would have to try was her Amazing Zucchini Brownies. She has quite a few more I am going to need to try, but for today this is what my goal was to get baked. The only tweaking I did was I doubled the batch, used ½ carrots and ½ zucchini where it called for zucchini only. I used Crisco butter cubes/shortening instead of oil and I added about 4 TBSP of cream cheese to the mix. I also used a little more chocolate chips then intended, by mistake. A wonderful, wonderful mistake! Haha I also sprinkled them with Walnuts and Mini Chocolate chips. It was fun making brownies from scratch.

I served this to the kids with vanilla ice cream. The two who knew there was zucchini and carrots said this “It tastes like you drug chocolate in the garden” and “It tastes like you dipped my veggies in chocolate ten times”.

The two kids who had no idea said this “These are the yummiest and most chocolaty brownies ever” and “Yum these are so good, these are the second best brownies I ever had.”

I thought they were great, super rich and not too sweet. I love the flavor of chocolate without too much added sugar. I think the veggies toned down the sweetness just a hair. All and all they were excellent. I will make them again along with a few other recipes she has posted.


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    Ooooooh – these sound good! I’ll have to try this.

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    • Stephanie Daigneault
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      Thank you, it really was delish! You have a great day too! 🙂

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