Vogue Bistro – Waddell and Reems ~ West side goodness

Went to Vogue Bistro last night and as usual it did not disappoint. After more than a week straight with the kids day and night I needed a break. Some quiet, no fighting, to telling on each other a nice drink and a nice meal. I ordered the Vogue Rita and Steve ordered a glass of wine. I like the soothing atmosphere, the slow jazzy french music and dim lighting. We both ordered the nightly specials, him the Salmon and me the Rib-eye. As usual the waiter brings my husband the steak, thinking I had the fish. We laugh and I say (with a tinge of embarrassment) “Um ya, that is mine, common mistake” he just laughs and says “Wow, I like your style!” which made me laugh further, it happens every time we go out to eat. Everything was delicious and mine came with a potato leek tart that was really full of flavor and a nice departure from mashed. I love that Vogue Bistro is so close to my house and just a quiet little place with amazing food. They really do it right here.

Check Hours as they change from Summer to Winter- Visit their WEBSITE

Vogue Bistro
15411 W Waddell Rd #108, Surprise, AZ 85379
(623) 544-9109