Truman Ranch – U Pick Citrus ~ West Side

Today we packed up all the kids and headed to the ends of Greenway Rd. to Truman Ranch. They are open Sat & Sun through February from 9:30-3:00. The drive is totally worth it. $20 for a very large bag of all you can pick, or $10 for a smaller bag, although the smaller bad is still a lot of citrus. Since all my sisters are here, along with the kiddos we got one large and one small bag. We picked a lot of my favorite grapefruits, the Oro Blanco’s. They had slices of several different kinds of unique citrus for patrons to try out before heading into the orchards. They have some pretty handy maps available so you can locate your favorites. I love this place, can’t want to go back and we will for sure do this again next year.

Truman Ranch

Greenway Rd & 188th Ave (Perryville Road)SurpriseAZ.