Trick or Treat with Babies! Custom Beanies

Fall and Halloween are so much fun with the cute outfits and costumes. But sometimes it’s hard to find something cute for a baby that is also safe. My friend Tammi over at Tambo’s Creative Crafts makes the cutest custom Beanies! These are one of a kind, made to order, you choose the color and size and she will have it out the door in 3-5 days. Unlike costumes these you can keep, wear all winter and pass down to another child or family member. Tambo’s Creative Crafts is a local Arizona Company but they will ship. 
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Sports fan? You can have one made in your favorite team colors! Maybe you want a Disney or Super Hero inspired Beanie? The colors from Frozen make a great toddler Beanie!
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You can check out Tambo’s Creative Crafts on FACEBOOK! See more ideas for Beanies and get ordering information.

Don’t just get a cute beanie, why not order some custom Christmas gifts? See what I mean on her Pinterest Boards! PIN
Tambo’s Crafts on TWITTER.

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  1. September 9, 2014 at 8:00 am

    I love the ladybug hat! Super cute.

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