This time of year in Arizona

This is the time of year when we in the metro and surrounding areas of Phoenix, AZ are in a very weird state of denial. We know the temperatures are rising and it will soon be unbearable, however we tend the (falsely) believe that maybe, just maybe this year will not be so bad. We run around doing all those outdoor activities we know will be impossible to handle soon until about November’ish. I have been enjoying watching the flowers bloom in my yard and desperately watering my herbs and hoping they do not die. It is also the end of school which brings parties, graduations, final school activities, etc. Which means I have been crazy busy lately. In one of my days running all over town I was able to swing by Paletas Betty and get my favorite, chocolate. But other than that it has been hectic as of late. Kids are out of school soon and I need to get a list of summer activities together, including planning a trip to San Diego! Woo Hoo!!
Well that is about it, I just wanted to check in and share some photo’s and I have some cool sponsored posts coming up that I hope you enjoy! As for cooking, it is also that time of year to bust out the grill and keep all the cooking outside. Stay tuned!

Also if you are interested I started and Arizona Local FB group just for fun, to share all things local, check it out and join if you want. I was getting irritated, with the introduction of sponsored posts, that I could not find my favorite local posts, so I wanted to get them all in one place.

If you need to cool down Paletas Betty is at 96 W Boston st, suite 100, Chandler, AZ 85225 or 425 S Mill ave, suite 109 Tempe, AZ 85281

This was NOT a sponsored post.