This is my life!! & TJ’s Apple Butter

Yesterday was a typical day, kids off to school, cleaned out cupboards, did laundry and other miscellaneous chores. The plan was after school we would all load up in the car and drive across town to the Westin Kierland to meet up with my Brother in Law who was in town for work and get Dinner. My sister, nephew and Mom were going to meet up with us as well. We would be cutting the time close, but I was sure we could make it. Oh my youngest son, I love him so much, he is wickedly intelligent, memory that would blow your mind, stubborn, creative, funny, talented and boy does he test my patience on a daily basis. He decided that right after school while we were getting ready he would run away. So I chase off after him, I see him heading to the corner where the large green belt is (the same green belt he dropped in on a coyote recently) so I head that way, but as I get to the end of our driveway I do not see him anymore. I pick up my pace and get closer to the green belt, but still do not see a thing. As I get a little bit closer I hear some rustling in the bushes, and there his is, all hunkered down in the hedge. I ask him why he is hiding and remind him we are in a hurry to go, and this is what the little guy says to me “This is my new home, I live here now, it’s ok, it is very comfy and I have food and water, but if I need anything I will come by your house and get it. I live with the Coyote’s now” Not really sure exactly how to respond to this, he and I go back and forth a little on the Pro’s and Con’s of living in this new location. I start to feel as though a Dragon Fly swarming around is somehow mocking me, it lands for a moment and I grab a picture. It was not until later that I noticed the Dragon Fly looks like it has big lips, which I find funny for some odd reason. Anyway about this time I get a little more stern and tell Aiden we need to go, that we need to get to the Westin Kierland and he needs to change. This is when he says “Wait, is that the hotel where I saw my cousins from Texas with the big Pool? Ok, but after can you drop me off back here so I can sleep with the Coyotes?” Some how later that night on the way home, I was able to talk him into staying at the house. But these are the things I get to look forward to every day that make my life exciting! My sister Tomi Jo was gracious enough to let me post her Apple Butter Recipe, thank goodness, I did not get home until late last night. Enjoy!
I am also headed on a mother & son road trip with my Middle child and we hope to get some good posts in while on the road.

My Baby’s new home:

Weird looking Dragon Fly:

Thanks Sis!! XOXO

Apple Butter

TomiJo McCarrier

             4 lbs good apples
            1 c apple cider vinegar

            2 c water

            Sugar (about 4 cups)

            2 tbls cinnamon

            ½ tsp ground cloves

            ½ tsp allspice

            2 tbls lemon juice

Cut apples into quarters, without peeling or coring them, cut out damaged parts.

Put apples into a large pot, add the vinegar and water, cover, bring to a boil, reduce heat to simmer, cook until apples are soft about 20 minutes. Remove from heat.

Ladle apples into a sieve or mesh colander and use a pestle to force pulp into a large bowl below. Measure the resulting puree. Add ½ cup sugar for every 1 cup of apple puree. Stir to dissolve sugar. Add all spices and lemon juice, taste to adjust seasonings.

Cook in a crock pot on high, uncovered for about 6-8 hours. Stir throughout the day. Puree will turn a dark brown and become think and smooth.

Can or freeze leftover apple butter.