The Waffle & Ribs @ Joe’s Farm Grill

Waffle & Ribs?!?! WHAT! Yes, you heard it right! I love chicken and waffles so I had to drive ALL the way out to meet up with my sister and some friends at Joe’s Farm Grill to see this with my own eyes. When I visit my sister and our friend Puja is over we typically spend about 1/2 the time talking about food, and/or planning new food adventures. We have been trying to plan this particular adventure for over a month. Since the trip is 67 miles one way for me, coordinating was a bit of a challenge, but we finally pulled it off last week. It is not a problem for me to drive that far for good food, it is just a matter of when it fits in the schedule. As far as Joe’s Farm Grill, I am absolutely obsessed with their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with garlic fries, but luckily we were going for breakfast which would force me to try something new. Part of me wanted to order the Waffle and Ribs breakfast, but I knew that is what Puja was going to order it and I think I wanted to see it more than eat it, and to be honest I planned on swiping food right off a pregnant woman’s plate, cuz that’s how I roll!! haha. I decided on the Huevos de Farm Grill, which had seasoned pulled pork in the eggs with beans and tortillas, that is just my kind of breakfast, savory and a tad spicy. I also decided to grab a plate of Apple Fritters, which were served fresh and hot and had little bits of green apples in them, they were very good and a pretty decent bargaining chip to try get bites from everyone else. Puja did not just like her meal, she raved about it! So much so, that she is now an official Waffle and Rib pusher. I do not remember exactly which breakfast my sister ordered, but it came with two giant sausage links. It was a beautiful day and we walked around the farm and lush gardens and then went over to the Coffee Shop to look at all the wonderful baked goods, I wanted to get something but was so stuffed it was just not in the cards. However they looked and smelled amazing. Luckily we got there early for lunch but late for breakfast so there were no large crowds to fight. This is a great place to go with the family or to take out of town guests they have good fresh food and a farm/relaxed atmosphere. After that we went by my sisters house and I said I would include her new cows and chickens that she has added to her little farm house. See below the Farm House Grill pic’s to see the new members of the family.
3000 East Ray Road
Gilbert, AZ 85296
(480) 563-4745

***Side Note
While writing and taking photo’s for this post, I was reading this sign. I just got to the word falling and something fell from the tree, just as my brain registered the word “scorpions” so yes, I jumped and squealed thinking scorpions were falling on me! Blogging is a dangerous gig! Haha

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