The Vic Best in the West!

Have you heard of The Vic Bar + Kitchen? Well you should! I live in the west valley. That’s far west of Phoenix, Arizona. Although most people say they live in Phoenix, a lot of us really live in the cities surrounding phoenix. For food lovers living way out west there are very few really good local restaurants. Luckily for us that is changing and year after year new ones emerge. I have had my favorites for a few years running. The Vic easily has shot straight to the top. It’s not just good, its WOW good. Chef Robert Douglas is super innovative and clearly talented. More than that he is excited about food. His passion for all things food shines through in everything he does. It was a pleasure to hear from him what inspires his dishes seeing his eyes light up at all his favorite parts. While Chef Robert Douglas is a mega bonus to The Vic it does not take away from the fact that the place is beautiful. D├ęcor is comfortable and modern. You can overlook the pools and mountain from several seats in the restaurant. I’m sure right at sunset the view is amazing. The food, the cocktails and the service all made my food nerd heart smile!
The Vic, View, Arizona, West Valley

I don’t think I can delve into every detail of why I loved The Vic so much without boring you to death. But here are the highlights.

Cocktails & Whiskey OH MY!
Like a good Bloody Mary? They have the Verde Maria. A lovely and tasty green version. I had the prickly pear margarita. I also tried a few of their whiskey drinks all of which were rich and delicious.
The Vic, Cocktails, Arizona, West Valley

The Munchies
I discovered my new favorite appetizer. They call it Grilled Bacon. It’s Maytag stuffed honey dates, chili and agave syrup, spiced pecans and micro bulls blood. (which are a type of greens!) Holy mother of pearl this stuff is GOOD! All the flavors play off each other perfectly. It’s the bacon flavor you want in a big way, but also nutty, buttery, sweet and fresh. I’m kind of in bacon love!
The Vic, Grilled Bacon, Arizona

A really close second on my favorites list was something that is, surprisingly, Vegan. The Thai Flatbread is a perfectly cooked crispy flatbread with coconut milk & cashew butter, cilantro, basil, scallions and avocado. Nom-o-licious! So fresh and rich, I would eat this all summer long by the pool!
The Vic, Thai Flatbread, Arizona

Something Super Unexpected!
I don’t like beets, I know I am a weirdo. But when invited to try a menu I try everything whether I like it generally or not. I take this seriously as a job and like any job I do what I have to do. So I tried the beets. What the heck happened to my taste buds? These beets were delicious! It was 4 different kinds of beets, goat cheese, garlic confit and I am sure I am missing something, because there had to be magic involved.
The Vic, Beets, Arizona

Main Course
My favorite for dinner was the Pimento Cheese Crusted Center Filet. Center cut roasted tenderloin, house cured pimento cheese, purple potato & apple hash and Noble #5. (A cherry vinegar aged in bourbon barrels)
The Vic, Steak, Arizona

Dessert was Divine!
I can’t even choose a favorite here. It was all good. One thing blew me away though. I’m not sure I would call it dessert, but I would love It on my next cheese plate! It was a Blue Cheese Cheesecake with Balsamic Vinegar and a Pecan crust. I can’t believe how much I loved it! I really thought “No way!” when he was explaining it. But man was it subtle (not sweet) and amazing all at the same time. The chocolate cake, Via Dolcce Gelato and Limoncello Syrup Pie were all great.
The Vic, Arizona, Dessert

The menu can be seasonal and I imagine will stay creative. I can’t wait to go back. I heard they have a Saturday Brunch that I am dying to get down on! I don’t want Chef Robert Davis to think I am stalking him, but I’m pretty much going to stalk him. In a super food nerd way. Not a creepy weirdo way.

You have to drive WAY far out west for this one. I say it’s worth the drive.

The Vic Bar + Kitchen
5325 N. Verrado Way
Buckeye, AZ 85396
Sunday – Tuesday: 7:30 am to 3 pm
Wednesday – Saturday: 7:30 am on, with last seating at 8:30pm

Call with questions.
(623) 533-4722
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK or TWITTER

Disclosure: I received an invite for a complimentary tasting menu. As always all opinions are my own.