The sloth has arrived!

Well it happened, you eagerly approach the new year with all these ambitious ideas, all the things that can be done, improved upon and all the new foods I will make and blogs I will write. But then the sloth shows up and attacks me every time I go to do anything. I have been (VERY SLOWLY) taking down the ornaments and decorations, packing Christmas away until next year. It is always so much more exciting putting the stuff up, and slightly depressing taking it down. Today I got quite a bit more done, made the kids biscuits and gravy with sausage for breakfast, did the shopping and then logged in for some writing. I have to get rid of this sloth before I get too far into 2013. Tomorrow I will get the alarm back on for 5:30 A.M and try to get us all back on our regular schedule. Tonight I am going to make citrus grilled chicken and rice. I have all that various citrus left over from the U-Pick trip, that with some garlic, onion, olive oil and cilantro marinating all day should be tasty. I am very excited for the Blended Conference I am going to later this month, it is for food bloggers and it sounds like I will get to meet some really interesting people. I can’t wait.

Speaking of sloths……I swear there is a hedge hog in my yard. I do not think they are native to Arizona and I have no idea where he came from, but he is a cute little guy. However the problem is he is (or something is) gnawing on the roots of all the cactus, one even fell over. He is not a ground hog or mole, because I do not have holes all over the yard. The creature just makes little burrows by the base of the cactus and then nips at the roots. I only got a good look at him once, he was about the size of a fist, all furry with a long little pig like snout. At the time he was leaping head first into the spiky bush of impalement, I thought for sure he had died in there, but the next day I saw him scurrying across the yard again. I think I have said this before, but I’d like to think there is a Secret of Nimh thing going on under the super thorny bush.

Well off to take the boys on a bike ride, let’s see what this adventure has in store!

                                              The spiky bush of impalement is a large, thick version of
                                              this. It sprouted a little guy which we moved over next
                                              to the house.