The kids favorite pork chops aka White Steak

The kids have a favorite meal around here and they call it White Steak. My middle son went through a phase where he only wanted to eat steak, weird for a little kid. So when I would make these pork chops we told him it was white steak, and the name stuck. It is really simple, use any store brand pork coating, (Near the Shake-n-bake in the store, which you can also use if you want) and French’s Cheddar French Fried Onions. Put the Onions in a large zip lock bag (Gallon Size), then crunch them up into smaller pieces, add the pork coating to the bag. Shake it up to mix. Then take out about 1/2 a cup and set aside. Take your favorite cut of pork chop, I usually use a thick boneless cut. Using a baking pan, put each pork chop in the bag one at a time and shake until coated and then put chop in the baking pan. After done sprinkle some of the coating you set aside on top of each chop. Bake as directed for the cut of meat you used, and 1/2 way during the cooking time turn them over and add the remaining set aside topping to the other side. Chops should be nice and browned and crispy on the outside when done. then serve with your favorite sides. This week we served with corn and stuffing. And I actually made two meals out of this, I made so much that I chopped the pork chops up, added them, stuffing, corn and a large can of cream of mushroom soup to the crock pot, which the kids also liked as leftovers.  ~ Enjoy

                                                Ready for the kids to devour!

                                                  Right out of the oven.

                                                Ready to go in the oven.

                                             What the mix looks like just before putting chops in.

                                               Love these things!