The Bright Thai Spot – Tom Yum, Surprise AZ

Today was an all day down hill event right from the start. I am not complaining laughing a little bit at myself actually, but complain I cannot do. I believe in Karma and while I try hard to wipe my Karma slate clean I am SURE there are still some outstanding debts I still owe, so I will live through this pain and laugh at myself as I should, determined to keep negative thoughts out of my personal space at all times.
So what happened?
It all started with the boys waking up more cranky than usual, my youngest did not want to go to school and it took a pretty intense effort to get them on track and out the door. Finally we all get on the same page, but it is a little late, so I need to drive them to school, we head out. Yesterday I babysat for a friend, the sweetest, cutest little baby and while it was a blast and I loved having a baby around, I did not get some of my normal things done, like check the mail, work out at the gym, some grocery shopping, etc. So I am super eager to face the day and get a ton of stuff done. My list had about eight stops and I honestly intended on hitting every one of them..
I encountered my first bump in the road at the mailbox, a letter from the IRS, you KNOW that cannot be good, so I headed back to the house, grabbed a second cup of coffee and opened it. Hmmm, weird a mistake from last year, no problem we get them prepared, so I will grab my paperwork, call the CPA and see what we need to do. I put the paperwork on the top shelf of our kitchen cabinets, they are super high, I am 5’11 and I could not reach them. So what do I need, a chair, that is what I can use to stand on and grab the envelope. *****Side story, many years ago when I was having a big party at our house my bestie, Meghan, and I saw these chairs at the end of someones driveway,ready for the bulk trash and needing chairs for the party we figured what the heck, those are some good, solid wood chairs, so we grabbed them, spray painted them and covered the seats with some green pleather and well, for some reason, they are still around, just to be used for occasions where we need extra seating, or I need to get something up high. It might be smarter to purchase a step stool, of course I know that NOW!!
I go find the chair, set it up by the counter and stand on it, I still have to reach a little to grab the envelope. I obtain it, and step down off the chair and promptly sit (on the very edge of the seat) to review the paperwork. All seems well until I decide to get up and sort of shift my weight forward, that is when the chair breaks and I fall, more to my left than my right, whack!! My butt slams on the ground and my left wrist scrapes along the exposed wood the whole way down. I didn’t even see the bruise on my left butt cheek until I got home and took a bath to soak my sore muscles from what happens next…
I cannot stick around and feel sorry for myself, I need to just laugh it off and get on about my day. I collect everything I need for the day, get my gym bag ready and head out to my “Gentle Yoga” class. I have taken gentle before, and I am so out of shape that I think this class is incredibly hard. But they say the more you do it the easier it gets and before you know it you will (allegedly) be up in the more advanced classes. Either way I am excited to get in there and get going. As I am standing over in the class area the line gets larger and I start to feel like something is wrong, the line appears to be forming over by the wrong room. There are displays out in front of each door with the schedule out front, so I walk over by the quiet yoga room only to see I missed the class, I am a half our late. A woman asks me if I need any help and I tell her I had the wrong time for the class, in such a friendly, perky, sweet way she says “Well this one is about to start, go ahead and go in there” this is when I realize the class is Katasize, the instructor leads another beginners class I take, “I am not sure I am ready for that class” I tell the woman, she replies “Oh just tell the instructor you are a beginner, you will be just fine.” When she said it she made so much sense, just fine she said, if only I made it out of there just fine. When I walk in the class the other ladies are dragging out an arsenal of equipment, I walk up to the instructor and say “Hi, do you think this class is too advanced for me?” and in a totally calm voice he says “Advanced…………, oh no this is a multi level class, you will be just fine.” Now I am suspicious these two are in kahootz, trying to break me down by saying I will be just fine. I have to admit, he didn’t even try and trick me, he jumped in with a full butt kicking right off the bat and it never stopped. Each move was harder than the next and I am not one to easily sweat but within minutes I was drenched from head to toe. After about 50 minutes I started clock watching, I was either going to make it or pass out at the 60 minute mark, but at least it would all be over, at least that is what I thought. I dragged my sorry self all the way to the end of the hour class kicking and screaming and sweating and nearly crying. And then I think to myself, no cool down, wait, classes usually end with a cool down as he sets us up for another KILLER move I start to panic. He is not stopping, why is he not stopping, I drank all my water we should be done!!! OMG!! This is an HOUR AND A HALF class!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooo!! That last 30 minutes I felt like I was being dragged from a truck, I have no idea how or why my muscles continued to work but they did, my brain just turned off and the body went into auto pilot. While putting the equipment away I chatted with some of the ladies and they asked me to come back next week, they do this class TWICE a week! If I can move by next week, maybe I will.
It took me a little longer to get out of the gym than I had set aside, I needed to cool down, clean up and drink another round of water before I could walk out.
Car wash, ok that should be easy enough. I head over to get my husbands truck washed as I promised I would do a few weeks ago and the place is crazy packed! I have never had to sit in line in this place before, but for some reason today there was a pretty big line. I had put this task off long enough, I need to suck it up and get it done, so I wait. I pay for the wash and walk over to the Whole foods where I need to grab one small item. I head across the parking lot and when I go to cross a little slanted separator filled with gravel in the lot my feet fly out from under me and there I am, back on the ground for the second time today! I would say my ego was hurt but I am pretty sure I left it at home next to the broken chair, so I was good. I dusted myself off and headed into Whole Foods. The lines in Whole Foods were completely insane, long and every person had a huge basket full of groceries. I would not be waiting in lines like that for one item, so I poke around for a bit and head back to the car wash. This is when the black cloud of the day started to lift and things became brighter, I saw the sign for the new Thai food place in Surprise and the sun started to shine!
I went straight home, let’s see that is stop 1 Mail box, stop 2 Gym, Stop 3 Car Wash, stop 4 Whole Foods, it looks like I got about 1/2 of my stops done. I grabbed food, so does that count as a bonus stop??

Tom Yum – Surprise, AZ
13736 W Bell Rd 623.584.0908

I went in starving, but also looking like a hot mess, so I planned on getting my food to go. I ordered the Pad Thai with chicken, Double Thai Spicy, which came with veggie rolls. I also ordered Crab Rangoons. Now it could be because I was beat up all day, or because I was so hungry but everything was delicious! Lot’s of flavor and good heat. The Rangoon’s were particularly good, way better than most. Everything was nice and fresh and much better than I expected. I can’t wait to go and try their hot and spicy soup. This place is another great food addition to Surprise. The dinning room is a little small for me to bring in the whole family, so we will probably just grab orders to go, or just go for date night.

Thanks Tom Yum for making my day!!

Evil, “Faulty” Chair!!

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