The Tattoo Pill

An interesting fact about me over here at CCtoMB is that I have many Tattoo’s, some dating back 20 plus years ago! I also have very sensitive skin, so I would always load up in my vitamins and antioxidants before going in to get ink’d, just to that I could head off any risk of infection or severe irritation. When I came across the opportunity to review for The Tattoo Pill, I figured it was worth a try. Over the years I have had both good and bad experiences during the healing process.
So while I specifically cannot say that my good experience this time was due to the Tattoo Pill, I can say I started taking it about a week before I went in to get the work done. Then all during the healing process which was smooth and rather short, just a few days.
I went in to get a very old tattoo touched up, the Orange in my Koi fish had faded to almost nothing and the pink in my flowers was also severely run down. So I did not have a lot of work done, just brighten the color back up.
I would for sure take the pill again for my next ink project! I am happy that companies are gearing their products towards the tattooed community, now you see sunblock, creams and clothing designed for tattooed people, and now supplements!
Who out there has Tattoos?

The Tatttoo Pill

My touch up.

My touch up.

Here is the info from their page:
Product Description

The Tattoo Pill is packed with 30 vitamins and minerals that your body needs to help operate at ideal levels. The Tattoo Pill has 15 ingredients that are 100% OR MORE of the recommended daily intake percentage endorsed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
Some people think getting a tattoo is simple and easy, just go to the shop and have some ink put under your skin. However, there is more to it if you want a healthy tattoo that heals nicely and looks great. When you are getting a tattoo you are having very tiny needles poke holes in your skin, over and over and over again. What ends up happening is that you are left with an open wound and your body is working overtime to help fight off infection and heal your skin. The best way to prevent infection and help your body heal as fast as possible is to make sure your body has the vitamins and nutrients it needs to facilitate the healing process.

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