Smooth Drink at the end of a hectic day!

My walks in the morning to take the kids to school are still enjoyable and getting better each day. There is a lot of wildlife out and about during the cooler parts of the day. Today we saw quail, lizards and lots of butterflies. The walk or bike ride after school is just brutal. The other day Aiden was riding home on his bike like a banshee, and decided to drop into the greenbelt to try and get home faster than anyone else, when he dropped off the sidewalk and onto the rocks to the grass, he nearly ran over a Coyote who was hanging out on the shaded grass. Only Aiden can scare the fur off a wild Coyote. Today that same one was hanging out in the greenbelt again and as soon as he heard voices he bolted back to the safety of his desert home. Wednesday’s are a busy day, we have Drama, Key Club and Fit club; and tonight is a concert at the school. When I get home I am going to make one of my favorite drinks I call the “Tequ’ero” recipe below. Relax and sip it out on the front porch in the still warm, but hopefully slightly cooler night air.
Have an enjoyable night!

Stephanie’s Tequ’ero!

1 Can Sprite Zero
1 Shot of GOOD Tequila (this part is critical, we can argue about what constitutes “good” tequila in person over shots of tequila contenders, this is the only way in which I will debate the quality of tequila)
Tbsp Lime juice.
Poured over ice.

Variations – I like to add a splash of fresh juice depending on what I have, Red Grapefruit, Lemon, Peach, etc.
Drink & Repeat!