Smoked Turkey

Turkey is so inexpensive this time of year, we usually get one to smoke just after the Holiday. This year I pretty much repeated the whole Thanksgiving meal on Sunday with a smoked turkey, which was good and the kids enjoyed it. Tonight I will use the leftovers for Enchiladas  with red sauce and not my usual green. I will post on that too, I hope they turn out good.

Here is how I smoke a Turkey. I do not use a Turkey Brine, but I have heard it is good.

To prep the Turkey I mix a 1/2 stick of real butter with salt, pepper, garlic salt and any herbs I might like to taste. (For example rosemary) Once to room temp and spreadable, rub all over the turkey. remove all the stuff inside the turkey. Slice up one apple and one orange, coat the slices with olive oil, herbs and shove inside.

The cooking really depends on your smoker, we used to have one of the cheap cylinder ones from Home depot, and I actually loved it and cooked everything on it that I do the new one, but we have much more room on the new one and an easier method of controlling the temperature. The key is a consistent temperature, I cook mine at tight around 250 degrees for about 40 minutes per pound. *Don’t open and close the door a million times! In the gas smoker I have now, there is a water and wood chip tray at the bottom that I can pull out and make sure their is water at all times without opening the smoker itself. I like to use either mesquite or apple wood chips, and soak them before putting them in the tray. When done the internal temperature should be 165 according to Smoked turkey slices do have some pink, so do not be alarmed and long as you have hit the safe internal temp.

I put the turkey in a disposable pan. I loosely cover it with foil until the last hour. At the last hour I remove the foil and baste it. I estimate the last hour based on the pounds. Once done, I throw away the fruit stuffed inside and make my stuffing separate.

                                                 Ready to eat


                                                Right out of the smoker

                                               In the smoker

                                               Ready to go into the smoker