Slow, Sick Weekend

I was sick from Thursday until I just started to feel semi normal today on Sunday. I got a lot done today, catch up cleaning, catch up grocery shopping. Cooked pepperoni bread and used the food processor I got for my birthday for the first time. It was so exciting. I had one a long time ago but I was so busy it never seemed to get any use, not that Cucumber Salad I like to make, it took far less than 1/2 the time to make and I made twice as much for the week. For the pepperoni bread I just used a cracked wheat in the box for bread makers, then made it on dough settings, laid it out, added the pepperoni, rolled it and baked it. It turned out really delicious and it is pretty much already gone. I have a few more things to test out this week before I go into full Christmas baking mode and at that time I will post the whole event. For now here is a post from when I was sick that I put on my personal FB account and a re-post of the cucumber salad recipe.  And as usual some photo’s of this weekends food. I also figured out how to tie photos in Pinterest back to the recipe on my blog, I will get busy updating that this week and will do that from now on. Woo Hoo!

Posted on my real life Facebook account…
Mom’s sick =
Kid 1 invited every kid on the block over for a sleep over. (Quickly cancelled)
Kid 2 tasted christmas hand sanitizer.
Kid 1 smashed his thumb and was so upset left his bike down the street and forgot about it. (We got it back) 
Kid 2 decided to leave, didn’t tell anyone, went to a neighborhood friends house. (we found him) 
Teen broke into Santa’s closet and took out a shirt and pants she was supposed to get for Christmas and wore them to school. 
Kid 1 and 2, maybe with the help of Teen ate a bag of chocolate chips. 
This is all that I know, so far that they did, blahhhhh.

Repost – 
Summer Cucumber Salad – single serving
1 Cucumber, sliced leaving some peel on in stripes
3 Radishes diced
3 Green onion stalks, diced. (I like red onion or even white, about 1/3 of the onion thinly sliced is best)
Feta Cheese (flavored if preferred)
Shredded Parmesan (to taste, this can be expensive so I use it sparingly, but obviously things are better with more cheese…….)
Your favorite dressing or oil vinegar. Today I used Wish Bone House Italian, I usually wait for dressing to go on sale, and buy several kinds for this dish. Balsamic or Red Wine vinaigrette are my favorites. If I only use oil and vinegar, I add some garlic salt and/or whatever spices I am in the mood for that day. Be careful not to add too much dressing, start with 4 Tbsp and see how you like it the water in the cucumber will mix with he dressing and you do not want it too soggy, but you may want a bit more dressing. When I am in the mood I also add olives, artichoke hearts or sliced almonds, all good variations.

                                           Shamefully, one of my all time favorite things for breakfast. 
                                    Avocado, wheat toast, cayenne pepper, garlic & lime salt. And
                                      then Bacon on top…………………..Yum