Six Month Review – My journey

In about one week it will be six months since I walked out of the door of the place I worked for twelve years. I have been reflecting back on all the fears I had leading up to that moment. The panic attacks and minor freak outs that would come with thinking about the financial aspect of leaving. All while having a strong urge that it would be for the best. I gave myself 90 days, thinking I would probably only stay home for three months before I went stir crazy and assumed I would be back to work by then. My perspective has changed so much since then, my mind narrowing on more important aspects of life and reassessment of where I was at, day by day. I was wrong about the 90 days in more ways than one. It was actually within 3 days that I started the blog and began to see a new purpose in my life emerge. I had found something that struck a cord for me intellectually and creatively. This was an incredible learning experience and I was being humbled by all I did not know, but eager to research every day and learn everything that I could. I feel as though I have learned more in the past six months than I have in the past six years and still have so much more to learn. That was the first benefit of doing this blog, obviously the second and certainly more important was the fact that I could spend more time with my family. Being able to see and spend quality time with the kids each day has been both a tremendous challenge and a spectacular reward. My kids and husband can at time test every ounce of patience I have in my body; but I have found this to be an exercise that is good for me. I am learning new ways to work through those times, and getting creative with my parenting methods. Everyday I see something special and new within them and it makes me smile. I have also had the opportunity to grow my small group of friends and to meet some very talented people. That leads me to the third benefit I have received in the past six months which has been working on me. I have been able to exercise mentally and physically every day as well as sit down every day and work on what I want in my life, and what I don’t want. I feel better prepared to move forward, stronger and more centered. At about 60 days in there was a rough adjustment period, where I realized I had let my job define me and how I lived my life. I needed to peel that back and figure out why, before I could begin changing that about myself. It was rough, I had to accept errors in judgment I had made that got me there. But in the end it was better that I took the time to work on that and now I feel like besides my experiences the job had almost nothing to do with who I am today, which is so much more than a “Regional Resource Manager”. I am excited to move forward with the blog and improve it where I can each day, meet more people and learn more lessons. I am not sure what the future holds, but whatever it is I am sure I will be in the lead in carving out my own destiny, never again letting a company that barely even knows me define who I am.

If you are reading this, thanks for being on this journey with me, I can guarantee that it is just going to keep getting better. Thank you, Thank you!! Feel free to send me commentary, feedback, challenges any time you want.

And of course I cannot forget another benefit, COOKING which if course is one of my favorite things. This week I made seared pork chops with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and asparagus. YUM!! Also, someone stole my camera and took a few extra pictures, I included those, just for fun.

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  1. Anonymous
    March 8, 2013 at 11:11 am

    You are a woman of true grit. You are the Mother of my Grandchildren and the family is fortunate to have YOU.
    I love pork chops and asparagus but I love that little face in the camera most!

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