The Rooster, Peacock and an Owl a suburban tale.

Why on earth is CCtoMB writing about a Rooster, Peacock and an Owl? Good question. I have always had a very “odd” imagination. My first very close friend was a pet rock, which I still have today. I thought when I was little I could shrink and live in the Cuckoo Clock and my Grandmothers music box. I wrote stories about searching for Unicorns in Tanzania for years. As I became an adult my imagination transferred to people watching, especially in the Airport, while sitting there for long hours I would see people and make up stories about their lives. Each person who walked by was subject to becoming the unwilling participant in the script in my head. It was not only entertaining but often I found myself laughing out loud, and sometimes the stories were so good I could not shake them, they would be stuck in my head for weeks, months even, taking on new twist and turns. Well a story has been brewing for years now, one that has to do with some birds in my neighborhood. I figured since I am on a little hiatus from food writing I would share.

I live in the suburbs in Surprise, Arizona. Most suburbs do not have a lot of wildlife, but we are lucky, we live up against a mountain and large desert area so we see quite a lot of creatures. I grew up in Arizona so the sight of snakes, scorpions, coyotes, javelina, and bobcats do not really phase me. I don’t like it when one gets in my house, but aside from that I am fine with living in close proximity with them. We also often see jack rabbits, quail, prairie dogs, and many bird species. I have a favorite roadrunner who visits the front yard from time to time, he is a wiry little rascal and I look forward to his visits. These are also some domesticated birds in the area. Just a few blocks to the South of us is some farms that have been there for many years. One of them has a rooster, who seems to take great pride in greeting the sunrise. Just a few blocks to the East are some houses with acreage, nice homes with large beautiful yards, lush a green. One of these homes has several Peacocks. If you have never heard a Peacock call, look it up on You Tube, it’s worth a listen. And just recently right outside my window and Owl has moved in, he hoots, usually pretty softly and for several minutes, but sometimes it can get pretty loud. The Owl is a new player in the story, in my mind the Peacock has been taunting the Rooster for years. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I do, or at the very least get a little chuckle.

Note: This story is how I perceive it in my mind, I have no proof of negative intent on any of these birds parts. Birds in the photographs are not the actual birds, in order to protect their identity. Events are based on a true story.

Rooster: The Rooster is a tough old bird, he as been working this farm for years. Everyone on the farm depends on him, his life is not that of a typical farm bird, he braves the scorching summer heat and eats scorpions for breakfast. Feathers a bit tattered and walking with a little limp, he still gets the job done. Everyday he is watching his back for some new young Rooster on the block to come challenge him and kick him off his throne, but for now he is the king, of his farm and every farm on the block.
Peacock: He and his fellow Peacocks live the life, as birds go they are spoiled, never have anything to worry about, organic meals prepared, spacious temperature controlled houses make even the most wickedly hot days bearable. Everything is kept clean and cozy and life is great. Sometimes boredom does set in, entertainment is limited to chasing each other around, splashing in the bird baths, short-lived escapes and sometimes getting the dog into trouble.
Owl: Just here to get his next meal and find comfortable place to perch. When he finds a spot that has a good food supply and a little spot to relax, he will stay a while. There is another owl in this area and he is trying to see if she is interested in a date, so far it’s a no go, but he is confident she will change her mind as he is quite the catch.

As long as I have lived in this neighborhood once every few weeks the Peacock gets bored and plots to mess with the Rooster. I am not sure how he finds out, but from time to time the Rooster likes to get out and let off a little steam, staying out a bit late for a Rooster, and whooping it up a bit. But somehow the Peacock knows when the Rooster will be just a bit off his game. He waits, giggling at times, and just before the sun comes up, five to ten minutes before the Rooster would start his crowing, the Peacock lets out a scream that will wake the entire neighborhood, including the Rooster. The Rooster bolts out of his house, feathers flying, not able to initially catch his breath lets out a cracked cocka- then a stumbled doodle, starts over, cocka….doo, “that dang Peacock!” he thinks to himself, “get it together man!!” Cocka-doodle-doo!!!! Whereas normally three loud crows would do, his anger does not let him do any less than ten. How dare this Peacock greet the day, that is the Rooster’s job! He is not sure where that Peacock lives, but if he ever finds out, there is going to be a brawl. This goes on and on for months, and as each month goes on you can hear more frustration and anger in the Roosters crow, and more laughing and mockery in the Peacocks call.
Then the Owl moves in, and at first causes no issues. But one night after not hearing from the Peacock for months the Rooster decides to have a wild night out on the Farm, he and a few buddies head out to really let loose and have some fun. They have a great time, but maybe just a little too much fun, as he stumbles back to his house he does not quite make it all the way up the ramp and falls asleep, it is just about 1:45AM. The Peacock is fast asleep in his warm cozy bed when he hears a faint noise, but that noise is getting louder and louder. As he awakes from his deep slumber he wonders what that is, sounds like a bird, “Hoot, Hoot” but not one that he has heard before. He is just about to fall back into dream land when the Hoot gets really loud, so loud it wakes most of the neighborhood animals.
Rooster was abruptly awakened by a loud hoot and immediately thinks “Not this morning Peacock, not this time!!!” and belts out the loudest Cocka-doodle-doo he has been able to get out in a long time, anger turns to pride and he just keeps on belting them out, until finally a hen sticks her head out and yells “It’s the middle of the night!! Stop it and go back to sleep!! It was 2:00 AM.
The Peacock chuckles. The Owl keeps hooting. And the Rooster sits fuming until the sun comes up.

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4 comments for “The Rooster, Peacock and an Owl a suburban tale.

  1. January 23, 2014 at 5:17 pm

    You had me at the title, I mean who could just pass by a title like that?!

  2. Deb
    January 22, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    I love it! Great perception on the observations of the animals. I think I will have to stay tuned to see how this all turns out! Truly, I enjoy the humor and love for all that is around us. Best Regards–Deb

    • January 22, 2014 at 1:25 pm

      Thanks! It is so much fun to give the creatures personalities.

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