Roaring Fork ~ Scottsdale, Arizona

One of my favorite parts of being associated with the Blended Conference is the outings that we do as a group. Recently we were invited to Roaring Fork in Scottsdale, Arizona to enjoy an incredible dinner. On a personal note I was even more excited that the Roaring Fork is located just a few blocks from where I spent a lot of my childhood. I could have walked there from my Grandparents old house. It is absolutely crazy and amazing how that area has grown over the years! Scottsdale Fashion Square used to be just a small outdoor mall. There was a Thrifty Drug store on the corner facing Scottsdale road where we used to get ice cream. The whole area is filled with nostalgia for me and a great place for a date night!
Roaring Fork, Arizona, Scottsdale

Right when you walk into the Roaring Fork you are consumed with a warm and inviting feeling. Meeting up with fellow bloggers it almost felt like we were having dinner around a family table. The staff was fantastic and super attentive. We were eating a tasting menu which was quite extensive. You might guess this has become my new favorite thing in the world! But it is a really great way to get an idea of what a restaurant is about. The Chef came out and explained each dish to us in detail. As a blogger I love that personal touch. A few people in our group have food allergies and/or special dietary needs and they were great about both accommodating this and explaining the adjustments to the regular menu.

Now to the Food! Oh the Food!
Roaring Fork, Arizona, Scottsdale

I wish I could add every photo of every plate, but this collage will have to do. Actually I really wish smell-o-vision or taste-o-vision has been invented so you really get to experience the Roaring Fork Menu!

Roaring Fork, #Blendedconf, Scottsdale, Arizona

Roaring Fork, #Blendedconf, Scottsdale, Arizona

Everything was delicious and trust me, I tasted it ALL! I am not lying, I tried it all! Oh man was I full! Of course I loved the New York Strip Steak, Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin and Braised Beef Short Ribs. I am a meat lover so I knew these would be among my favorites. But what really surprised me was how much I loved the Medjool Date Salad. It is hard to impress me with a salad. I was raving about that salad. It’s exciting to think about going back for a date night to just hang out at the bar. The appetizers were fantastic and they have Huckleberry Cocktails! If you read my blog often then you know how fond I am of Huckleberries. Overall I had a great time, with awesome people, fantastic food and lots of laughs. For me that makes for a memorable dinner.

The bar looks super inviting:
Roaring Fork, Bar, Scottsdale, Arizona, #Blendedconf

Roaring Fork
4800 North Scottsdale Rd. Suite 1700
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Happy Hour and Dinner served daily at 4pm

Disclaimer: I was provided the opportunity to visit the Roaring Fork through a campaign with Blended Extended. All opinions are my own.