Rio Mirage Cafe ~Surprise, AZ

Growing up to Arizona you get exposed to various types of “Mexican Food” a lot of which has been Americanized into the versions we commonly know at most chain Mexican restaurants. Luckily at a young age I was exposed to many different types from various regions. That said I have come to know the words “Mexican Food” as a more complicated term. Every now and then I get a severe craving for probably one of the most Americanized versions, the Chimichanga! Especially if it is smothered in sauce and cheese. I had just such a craving this past weekend. I have been being good and exercising and have actually lost 12 pounds. So I thought it would be nice to take a day, make blueberry cobbler and get a nice smothered Chimichanga, and chips/salsa and beans, the whole shebang!

 Rio Mirage Cafe ~ Surprise, AZ
We have been wanting to try the Rio Mirage Cafe since we moved to Surprise, but for one reason or another had not made it there yet. I had even had several friends tell me it was really good. So with this craving being overwhelming, it was a good time to check it out. Although a little risky, you do not want to see me get a bad meal when I have been looking forward to a good one for months! It was a little busy, but we did not wait too long, and everyone was really nice. I ordered a Margarita which was really good and it was just their basic one. I noticed they have some good happy hour specials and made a mental note to hit happy hour next time. I was hungry and completely demolished the chips and salsa and put in the order for a Chimichanga, shredded beef, smothered in Ranchero sauce with beans and Steve ordered the Mahi Taco’s, which was the Special. We both really enjoyed our meals. The Ranchero Sauce was a little spicy, which is exactly how I like it. Beyond being spicy there was a lot of flavor to the sauce and meat. There were a lot of things on the menu I want to try out on future visits, especially the Churro’s with caramel filling and vanilla ice cream!! But this visit I was absolutely stuffed. This was another awesome find in Surprise! Even though by the steady stream of customers it appears I am the last one in Surprise to find it!

 13863 West Bell Road Surprise, AZ 85374
 Southeast corner of Bell & Litchfield Road (access on Bell or Litchfield)