RIBS!!! The good news and the bad news..

I love ribs!! This is not really new news. I get overjoyed smoking all types of meats, but ribs are my favorite. I am not sure if it’s some sort of weird primal instinct, or just because they are THAT good. If you have been reading since early on, you may remember my post “Burnt the Toast” which was about what I then dubbed the “Ribtastrophe” and it really made no sense at all. I had smoked ribs many, many times before that day and never had an issue. I have not smoked them since due to the fact that it felt like an epic failure on my part, especially since I was very new to blogging as was super excited to post about it. After thinking all these months on what could have been the issue, I think I decided it had to be over confidence. I was way more concerned about the photos and wording my descriptions properly in the blog, than I was about actually making amazing ribs.
So this time around I wanted to make sure that what I paid most attention to was the cooking; thinking this may not even end up in the blog, I just wanted some good Ribs. I used a BBQ rub from go lb salt which is here local and was picked at the Gilbert Farmer’s Market. It has been very hot and dry so maintaining moisture was also high on my priority list.
All I did was use the rub, and keep the water source full, and then cooked slow and low all day. Thank goodness they turned out perfect and delicious and the whole family rejoiced! The rub just brought out the wonderful meaty flavor of the ribs, not too overpowering at all. Sauce was absolutely not needed in this case, they were perfect as is with the smokiness and juiciness just right.

The BAD news…
A little over a year ago two new BBQ places opened up near where I worked. Both were awesome! One was all about the meat and it showed, I wanted to try each and every option and got darn near close to accomplishing that goal when a new place opened across the street. The new place had great meats, but the sides were really something to write home about. They were so close that if I was really determined I could have picked up sides from the one and then walk over to purchase meat at the other. The only thing that made that not feasible was the fact that the lines were around the building every day. So what’s the problem you ask? Well the first time I ate there I immediately got one of the most wicked headaches I have ever had. I get headaches from time to time but I would not say I am prone to them and I do not suffer from migraines. But at the time I thought it was a fluke, however each time I went a headache would follow either immediately after or soon after. At first I thought because it was summer that maybe there was too much sodium and I was getting dehydrated, so I started pounding water before I would go get BBQ. But nothing helped and the headaches got increasingly worse until finally I had one that lasted the whole day and into the next morning and because I am stubborn it took all that for me to say to myself “Maybe it’s not worth it, maybe I need to lay off the BBQ” so I did. Then I left that job and did not think anything about it again, BBQ places out of sight and out of mind. I had the Ribtastrophe soon after I left and did not even get a chance to eat any ribs then because of the disaster, and then laid off it all this time without even a thought about the headaches. Fast forward to this last time I made ribs, which turned out perfect and I only got three bites in before it felt like an ax cracked through my skull. I am sure “most” people would stop eating at this point, but not me, I served up the exact portion of ribs I wanted and intended to finish them. I mean, I am the same person who is allergic to avocados but still eats them all the time. However these headaches are nearly debilitating. So I started to do some research and found that smoked meats can trigger migraines in certain people. What kind of cruel and unusual punishment is this?!?!?! I have a doctors appointment at the end of the month and figure it is worth at least a conversation with my doctor, but for now it sadly and regrettably looks like no ribs, or smoked meats for me!

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2 comments for “RIBS!!! The good news and the bad news..

  1. jo n
    July 8, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    so sorry about the migraines. do you also have reactions to msg? I know a couple of friends that have the smoked meats issue also have msg issue. What are all the ingredients in the rub? Do you have this issue with other smoked items that don’t use a rub.

    • Stephanie Daigneault
      July 8, 2013 at 8:06 pm

      This is a pretty new issue, so it looks like I have some investigating to do, and maybe I should make some ribs without a rub. I usually smoke turkey’s over the holidays and do not have an issue. But I did not do that this past year, so maybe I should give that a try.

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