Not for a first date~ Pasta Salad

Quite a few years ago I worked with a young lady who was from Iraq. One day at a pot luck we had, she brought in a pasta salad that she said was her Mother’s. It was pretty simple, spiral pasta, tons of garlic, red onion, peppers and dressing. I have modified it at bit and served it many different ways, it is a very versatile dish and can be dialed up or down on the garlic and extras to personal taste. The original recipe called for 6-10 cloves of raw crushed garlic. It tastes incredibly good with that much garlic, a little spicy, but absolutely not something you want to eat on a first date! We are taking this salad to a friends Clam Bake tonight, and I hope to post some great Blog pictures from the party.

4- 12 oz packages of spiral pasta.  It is fine to use plain, spinach or as I used, veggie.
16 oz Italian Dressing (Or red wine vinaigrette, or balsamic vinaigrette, whatever you like best)
8 oz crumbled Feta Cheese
8 oz Shredded Parmesan cheese
1 diced green pepper
2 diced red peppers
6-10 cloves of raw, crushed garlic
3- 6 oz jars of marinated artichoke hearts
6 oz sliced green olives
6 oz sliced black olives

Boil pasta per instructions, drain and then while hot start adding ingredients. Save 1/2 the Feta and 1/2 the Parmesan cheese for after the salad chills. mix well. Put in refrigerate for about 2 hours. Once chilled ad the remaining halves of the cheese and stir again. Serve Chilled. See photos for progression of salad. Enjoy!

                                                                 ~Finished Salad.

                                                             Spiral Pasta that I used.

Pasta was a little steamy. 

                                                                      Red Onion

                                                                          Red Pepper

Ready to stir the first time.
Ready to stir a second time & add dressing
Ready to chill, add remaining cheese, stir and serve.
I love the colors. 

Variations: I have used Banana peppers, added salami, more/less garlic, without artichoke hearts or olives. This is one you can easily get creative with.

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  1. October 16, 2012 at 10:41 am

    Beautiful colors! Imma gonna try this with my Shirataki macaroni noodles…no carb version! xoxo

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