Northgate Market ~ San Diego

If you are in San Diego and looking for some good Mexican food, skip the tourist spots, brush up on your Spanish and head to the Northgate Market. I should have taken pictures of all the options. My sister got a hot tip about this place and for what we paid we got way more than our money’s worth. They had at least 10 different kinds of Ceviche a dozen or so meats in various sauces and then 1/2 roasted chickens, tamales, salsas, sandwiches. You name it, they made it and with picnic benches to sit on and eat, it was perfect. The best part is, if you are still hungry, and I doubt you would be, you can head across the store to the bakery which was equally amazing. Their fruit tarts looked fantastic. Try this place, for sure!! I will be back.

Northgate Market

  • 1410 S 43rd St
  • San Diego, CA 92113-4105