New York Flavor – Busy Weekend!

I had a really busy weekend. We had a baby shower to attend and my husbands family was in town and I had a lot of little things to get caught up on over the weekend. I was also supposed to attend a friends birthday party, but as usual plans were flipped upside down. On Saturday my friend Anita and I wanted to go hike the Waterfall trail at the White Tank Mountain park. With the recent rains we were hoping to see the falls, but there was so much water pooled up that we could not get close enough. It is still a great hike with beautiful desert and mountain scenery. Then of course we were starving and decided to go to lunch. I have passed New York Flavor a million times, each time thinking “I need to check that out” but for one reason or another have not yet. I have heard good things about it and I am glad we stopped in. More about lunch below, I need to get to the action of the weekend. Then I took her to Sunsational coffee, where as usual we got a great cup of coffee and headed home. a few minutes after getting home I get a text from a kid in the neighborhood asking if the boys can come over and play. (PHEW) Yes, and then give them all the rules, like I do every time they go to a friends house and send them on their way. Now I can take a shower and relax a bit before getting ready to go to the birthday party. I clean up the kitchen, make a grocery list for lunch the next day with my husbands family, and then head to the shower. Right when I am about to step in the shower, my older son Zack runs in yelling, Mom, hurry it’s an emergency, I try to get my clothes on as fast as I can when I hear a woman’s voice downstairs and my daughter starts screaming for me. As I descend the stairs I see Aiden holding a white t-shirt over his face covered in blood. He had decided to do a trick on his bike in the green belt, going down the drainage area to jump over a make shift ramp, only to get his tire caught, flip his bike and land on his face, splitting open his forehead just above his eyebrows almost dead center. Also a black eye, road rash face, arm, shoulder and leg. And two very large bruises on his leg. So we headed out to a close urgent care for some stitches. He was pretty shaken at first, but the longer we were there the more comfortable he got with the situation. He gave the doctor every tiny detail of the trick he was trying to attempt, how it went wrong and what he should have done to get it right. The Dr. said “Wow, we usually do not get such a detailed account from any kid, let alone one with his head gashed open.” Then it was time to numb up the wound and the nurse put the stuff on his head and then wrapped it up. Right after she walked out of the room he yelled “I’m a Ninja!” and jumped/fell off the table. I said “Dude!! It is time to be calm right now, let’s get it stitched up before you get hurt again!” They stitched it up quick and easy and he did not even blink an eye through it. By this time he was all good except it was too late to go to the party, and I was not sure how he would react when the numbing wore off, this was a time he just needed his mommy, even if he would never admit that. I spent the rest of the night babying him to the extreme. The next day was busy, but not nearly as action packed. 

I included a cute picture from the baby shower, there were a lot of creative people there for sure. 

New York Flavor – I am bummed that I have not been here sooner and I cannot wait to take my husband. His favorite food is a good burger. It took Anita and I forever to decide what we wanted, I realize we just hiked and were hungry, but everything sounded amazing. I ended up getting the NY BBQ Burger which is covered in BBQ Onion-bacon sauce. Anita ordered the New Yorker which is a burger with pastrami and swiss cheese. They were both so delicious. I ordered mine “Gotham Size” which was a 1/2 lb burger, which was a great idea. And I ordered the side salad. Anita ordered pasta salad with her meal and said it was really good. There are so many menu items that look good, including breakfast & desserts, that I can’t wait to go back and take the kids. If you have read any of my other reviews you know that friendliness really counts with me. They could not have been more friendly, it was a great little atmosphere and everyone who was there was super nice. Just one more reason I am proud to live in Surprise, places like this make it great. 

After we left and picked up our coffee at Sunsational, and of course they were so nice there as usual. Anita said how weird it was that everywhere we went had a small town feel to it, even though we are just on the outskirts of town. I could not agree more. And a special thanks to Theresa D aka “T” for the hot tip!

15170 W Bell Rd. Surprise, AZ 85374

MOM!! No pictures please!! 

Baby shower creativity!