Why no new food posts?

I wanted to write about why there have been no new food posts lately. I have a few things in the works, however something has recently come up that is making me tentative to try anything new. Which is fine, I just need to go back and conjure up some old favorites to write about. So what on earth could keep me from trying new foods?

Food Allergies………..duh, duhn duhnnnnnn

Here I have been going along in life thinking I could not have any food allergies and BOOM, the Doctor drops a shocker on me! Way back when I was 19 (WAY BACK) I was given a high dose of Penicillin that caused me to get really sick, for months. After the dust settled I developed an allergy to bananas and avocados. Bananas were no big deal to me, but avocados, as far as I was concerned those were a food staple. When I was younger my great aunt and uncle had an avocado orchard and I had gotten used to eating them regularly, especially on toast with a little Tabasco and garlic salt or as a bacon, avocado sandwich.
The good news is that the allergy was not always very severe and if it got bad a little allergy medicine would do the trick and I could breathe again.
However about six or more months ago I started to have the same reaction when eating other foods, and sometimes it was really bad. Since breathing is severely constricted when an attack comes on, it was getting a little scary. Sometimes my tongue and throat would sting and swell also, increasing the stress of the situation. And then about two months ago I started breaking out in hives all over my face, often. At this point it was clear I needed to see an allergist.
I was prepared to be allergic to outside stuff and maybe lotions and perfumes and such, but food! Not Food!! Anything but Food!!

In all honesty it was not as bad as I thought, and I still need to go back for further tests, so hopefully there is not more bad news. But we have added all tree nuts, peanuts and cantaloupe to the list. Along with everything outside, all pollen, trees, dust, etc.

Until I am finished with all the tests I am not in the mood to have another major hive break out, so I have been playing it safe. The Dr. prescribed me an EpiPen in the event I have another severe reaction. I guess better safe than sorry. He seemed pretty concerned. All the testing and visits should be done in about three weeks, and I think after that I will be comfortable again. I have never been this afraid to eat before, but the last several reactions I had were pretty bad, face/neck hives and not being able to breathe are a little jarring.

Thanks for listening, I hope to be back to normal (or as close to normal as I could hope for) soon!

Mac N Cheese for dinner tonight, made the kids happy!! A while back I did a Choose your own adventure Mac n Cheese recipe post, I am playing with those recipes to post a new one.


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  1. Jess
    November 12, 2013 at 12:35 am

    Not fair!

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