My Crazy life! This is not a complaint!

Iced coffee saved me more than once the past few weeks!

Iced coffee saved me more than once the past few weeks!

Everyone has their ups and downs in life and I am sure everyone seems that they have more speed bumps than the average person. Sometimes I just sit and think WHEN is my crazy life going to calm down? In my best times I try to take the attitude high road, and at my worst of times the frustrations hit me smack in the face! In today’s blog I will bring ya’ll full circle to see the craziness that has been the past three weeks of my life, (I will spare you and only give some highlights, some stuff is just as dumb as dumb can get!) but will bring it back around to why it is all ok.

A few weeks ago my WordPress just started acting up like crazy, but anytime I would sit to work on it there was some sort of drama that needed my attention. Everything I tried to do would cause freezing and white screen. I was trying to go through my plug ins to find the culprit, but between the freezing and the drama it was impossible to make any progress. Summer was coming to an end for us and the kids had just had enough of each other, every breath caused an all out brawl. We live in Arizona and two issues hit us at the same time that were frustrating to say the least. First our Air Conditioning went out, when it is over 115 it’s kind of a big deal! We had confusion with the booking of a tech to come out and after waiting all day he was a no show, so after calling around to different companies and finding nearly everyone was booked we would have to wait another full day for someone to come fix it. At the same time we found the scorpions had infested our backyard. My husband had been taking a hunt around the perimeter of our yard with a black light looking for them, when he came upon a few babies and while tracking back to where he thought they came from stumbled upon a Momma scorpion with her back covered in babies. He was sufficiently freaked out at this point and when on all out gorilla warfare on the scorpion population.

We get through all that drama and I still have not made any progress on WordPress, cooking or blogging. And by this point it is time to start the school shopping for supplies and clothes. We needed to get all three kids signed up for sports, and the required physicals. For some dumb reason I thought as long as I was setting Doctor appointments I should get my yearly exam and we should also hit the dentist. Good news is my daughter had no cavities and only needs braces if she really wants them. Bad news is, I have pre-menopausal symptoms that could go on for the next TEN years and I needed to replace a crown. I was also told I have tennis elbow, and it hurts like the dickens!! I should have it wrapped and should be easy on it, but of course my stubbornness has not let me take care of it yet. Also right before school started the monsoons started to hit hard, and normally we can put that in the awesome column, but for some reason the humidity caused my face to break out worse than it has since I was a teenager, maybe even worse!
But we get through the meet the teacher night, got all the supplies and clothes ready, survive the first day of school, all is good and then I get a call from my sister. She has a small farm/ranch out in Queen Creek that has been infested with mosquito’s and my nephew just cannot take any more bites! So her and my nephew are going to stay with us while my brother in law fights the good fight and fumigates the property. They also had coyotes break in and kill some of their chickens, so he needs to come up with a plan to keep the chickens safe while he is at it. To be honest this was an awesome distraction! Things had been so hectic around here it was nice to hang out with my cute little nephew, and the bonus was the kids behaved a little better around him. We also went out together for a great lunch at Saddle Ranch at Westgate in Glendale, and another bonus was, she had a gift card!

She is gone now and it is time for me to get back on the horse, finish up working on WordPress and put out a new blog post! So here it is! Wait, all of the above sounds like complaining, when am I going to bring this back around to the positive? Soon, hang on, we are almost there!
In the midst of all this craziness we decided to take a mini road trip. You can drive just a few hours North of here and get cooler temps, Forrest and gorgeous scenery. But between here and there we would need to drive through Yarnell, AZ. An area recently devastated by fire and the loss of 19 Firefighters that received national attention. Our friends parents had a house there and were also going up there to view the damage and asked us to come over to the property. I have to admit I was hesitant at first, only a few months ago my cousin and her family escaped a house fire in Colorado. Thank goodness her and her husband got all four of their children out to safety, but the loss of property was significant. Just hearing her story would make me shake with nervousness over the fact that her family was in that kind of danger, so I was not sure how I would react to this scene. I have never seen the aftermath of a house fire and I have to say it was surreal. When we arrived we met up with our friends, their cousins and their parents. (the home owners)
What was once a beautiful home, with a basement and two floors above, was not a twisted, melted demolished pile of burnt out rubble. There were areas that were almost devastatingly beautiful, where metal and glass melted and twisted up into something remarkably different than what it started out as. You quickly realized this was a home, filled with belongings, but moreover a lifetime of memories and treasures. If you looked close enough in the ash you could see little reminders of the life that once filled this beautiful home.
All and all the attitude was good and upbeat, everyone recognizing that what mattered was they got out with their lives and still having each other they can rebuild. I have seen my cousin since the fire they endured and she is the same, happy to have all that matters. It makes me happy to see them smile, laugh and looking forward to the future. I know sometimes I am silly with my rants about all the minor dramas in my life, but these are the times where I know I should be thankful every day for tomorrow it could all be gone or dramatically altered in some way. Plus sometimes all my petty little drama makes for some pretty awesome comedy about a week later!

Thanks for reading and by the way, the fire at my cousins home was started while charging a battery, the kind that go in the kids mini car. We charge ours all the time in the garage, well we used to do that all the time. We will never do that again, please follow all safety precautions when doing this in your homes. I would hate to hear this happened to one of my readers! *****This post is dedicated to my cousin Charisse, who is an amazing Mom and strong woman!

Post Script – Right after I wrote this post, two night ago, WordPress froze up on me once again, and I am trying to slip it in quickly during this brief moment of functionality……….fingers crossed!!

Please enjoy a few photos:

The scorpion overlord!

The scorpion overlord!

Fire Damage

Fire Damage

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    I blogged something similar to this today called disappointments. and I’m ready for things to calm down and make a turn around.

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      August 12, 2013 at 1:07 am

      Thanks for stopping by! I will have to go check it out tonight! 🙂

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