Mishaps and Bliss

Despite the many mishaps of this week, I learned quite a bit on how to readjust, slow down and enjoy this time. I am starting to think I may have been cubicle confined for so many years for my own safety. This week I decided to try and unclog a drain, splashed Draino on myself and suffered a mild chemical burn on my leg. I thought it might be acceptable to wear flip flops on a bike ride only to loose 1/2 of a toenail along the way. I ruined the ribs and did not get all the needed items on a grocery trip, or two. My camera froze up and my computer shut down mid blog. Lat night I was thinking back to several years ago when Steve was laid off at the copper mine. At that time, because his job had him on the road so much, he had never had to take care of the kids, get them immunizations or taken them to the Doctor. He had not had to do the grocery shopping, pay bills or any daily household tasks. We were lucky to have the most wonderful sitter and she and I took care of everything. Steve’s first day home by himself with the kids, I pull into the driveway after work, and see the boys sitting in chairs in the front yard with what looks like Popsicles. When I get closer I realize the boys are gnawing on frozen corn dogs!! When I asked Steve what was going on, he said he thought he did not have to cook them because he recalled seeing me giving the kids frozen waffles when they were babies. He had not realized I did that because they were teething! So even with the mistakes of this week, at least I did not feed the kids frozen corn dogs!
Through all that, I still had one of the most fulfilling weeks of my life. My eyes were opened to what I have been missing, like the daily walk/bike ride to and from school. This is one of the most peaceful experiences of each day. We have seen spiders, lizards, birds of all kinds, including the resident Roadrunner and some creature we have yet to determine its species. The ride home from school is still a hot sweaty mess, but I am sure in a few weeks it will be just as delightful as the morning trip. Even though Zack was sick at the beginning of the week, it felt great to be home and there for him. The kids seem much happier on a schedule, they have more time for fun activities now and know the daily expectations. My conclusion is that less stress in my life trickles down to everyone, and I cannot wait to see what next week has on store, the good and the bad. I plan on getting more recipes up next week, and updating the list of my favorite places in town. Enjoy the weekend!

Photo’s from the walk to school: