Mini Post – I need sleep

I need sleep

2AM last night

Teenager – enters my room “Mommy!” no answer, “Mommy” she tries again. (ya she still calls me mommy, so what!!) me, grumbling “what?????” her “I am mad” me, “why are you mad” If I had laid there and said nothing she would have kept talking unsolicited, but I was still half asleep. Her “Because it is 2 AM and I cannot sleep!! It is making me so mad!!” Me “then don’t sleep till noon! I told you to keep getting up at a decent hour and now you are waking me to tell me I was right?” Her “Grrrrrr, I just want to go to sleep!” Me “well go to bed and I will wake you up when I get up!” As she storms out of my room she yells, “That’s in two hours!!” I don’t quickly fall back asleep but I do eventually.


Husband – doing something with his clothes at the dresser, fells the need to blurt out “Your daughter was on the internet until after midnight!!” (yes she is OUR daughter, but when he is telling on her he likes to say YOUR) Me, being woken by this comment “I know she came in here to wake me up at 2 because she could not sleep, why do you both like to wake me up with useless information?!?” This must have snappier than I meant it to be still being 1/2 asleep because he said “SooooRRRRyyy” and walked out.

5:00 AM

I usually get up at 5:30 but my brain decided to wake up 30 minutes early. FUN

So needless to say here I am:

                                    I love you coffee, you complete me!