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Do you have a Minecraft obsessed child? Boy do I! We also always have Minecraft obsessed gamer friends hanging out here daily. Over coffee with a few of my Blogger friends we realized this was something we all had in common. Our kids all being between 7 and 11 are all in love with all things Minecraft. The other thing we all have in common is that we are all pretty frugal. This meant our mission to create the best Minecraft Party would be on a tight budget.
Cailin over at Mommy Dove and Asha over at Asha Butterflys and I set a date and planned the crafting of this amazing party!

I am usually great at party planning but terrible at party execution. It was fantastic having two other Mom’s to keep me in check and for me to ensure I would follow through. I think working together with other Mom’s, family or friends when throwing a party is a great idea to ensure success. We created a Google Doc and shared it so that we could keep track of who was in charge of what crafts, food and activities. We started two Pinterest Boards to get our creative juices flowing. You can follow them here – Minecraft BoardMinecraft Board
Creeper Poster
We had a few things going for us as far as keeping costs low. Asha is an amazing coupon’er so she had lots of party supplies, bottles of water, juice and cupcake supplies that she got free or nearly free. Cailin had lot’s of crafting supplies and paint. I had cardboard, markers, construction paper and service plates/bowls already. There were a few things we had to purchase but by separating it out we still saved. Cailin got skittles and made Creeper Brownies. I got gold candies and grabbed supplies from the Dollar store for gift bags. I also grabbed a tank of helium at Walmart for the balloons. I also grabbed black and green Duck Tape, which was super useful. As you all may know I love cooking and made chili and corn bread dogs. Asha loves cooking too and made MacnCheese and Poisons Potatoes. All of which was super delish. Cailin brought green Powerade for Creeper Juice. For the table I just wrapped some boxes in black wrapping to give some height and make it look like there were blocks on the table. One of our guests, Dana at Sweet Shoppe Mom, brought the cutest TNT packs of licorice and pretzel Torches. If you look close at the table you can see I mis-labled the torches as TNT. Way to go MOM!
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For the games we had Minecraft Toss, using a Cornhole board. By wrapping it and then adding Minecraft photo’s to it with different point values, it was a fun game for all age groups.
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Then I had an old cardboard display which we cut out and used as a Pig Toss. Somehow we were just inspired to attach construction paper pigs to Popsicle sticks. Asha made the pigs, I attached them to the sticks and Cailin worked on the Point bin where the pigs would be tossed. We had a great time and tons of laughs over coffee making these items!

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Mine – Crafting!

For some reason Minecraft and YouTube go hand and hand. The kids love following all of the best Minecraft YouTubers. We decided we needed a YouTube photo booth. My teenager really helped a lot with this project. We printed out screen shots to make it look legit. I loved it. Now I am not sure what to do with it. Seems a shame to throw it away.
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With a little time, some art supplies around the house, including construction paper & glue and access to Pinterest and a printer, you too could make an amazing Minecraft party for your little gamers! The kids had so much fun together. They talked Minecraft, ran around playing the games. They picked out their favorite balloons. The balloons were so cute with different character faces drawn on. They even got tired and all sat down together to watch Despicable Me. It was super cute! I also had a blast, great people + great food/sweets = Fun times!

Tell us about your best do it yourself party! Or ever better your best party fail!

****I am not going to lie, the biggest fail of the party were my corn bread dogs, not how they tasted but how they looked! It was both hilarious and ridiculous and you will notice they were not pictured here. So embarrassing!

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*Warning* These cupcakes have Pop Rocks! They explode when you eat them!

Table close up


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