Make EASY breakfast interesting!

I was reading an article a few weeks ago that said somewhere around 40% of American kids skip breakfast, the article went on to discuss the negative impact on the education of kids who do skip breakfast. For some it is certainly a financial issue, but there are many where it is just a matter of loosing out during the morning rush. I have been there many times, getting back packs ready, have a big meeting and need to look nice, someone looses a shoe and the morning takes a stressful downturn where breakfast is the last thing on anyone’s mind. I had to make a concerted effort to make sure I had quick options for breakfast each morning and at the same time keep it interesting enough for the kids to eat it and enjoy it. For starters I try to make sure I always have apples and banana’s. These are very versatile and if nothing else can be taken on the go in the event time is completely lost. Frozen fruit is also a great way to spice up a boring breakfast, add it to oatmeal, waffles or yogurt for extra nutrition, flavor and fun. I also make pancake muffins, there are endless ways to add ingredients to keep them interesting, make them up ahead of time and heat them up through the week for a super quick breakfast. Just follow the directions of your favorite pancake mix, add an egg and some fruit and/or nuts, pour mix in a greased muffin tin (I use butter Pam) and bake for about 10-12 minutes on 350 until muffins are firm and golden on top. I have included pictures of several different flavors of muffins. Frozen waffles are also great, heat up some frozen fruit and add a little whip cream or yogurt to make it more interesting. I also like to make waffle peanut butter sandwiches with fruit, usually sliced apples or sliced bananas. Instant Oatmeal can also be made several different way to keep your kids from feeling they are getting the same old drab breakfast. Add craisins, raisins, fruit and/or nuts in different varieties each day. The purpose of this post is just to get busy families thinking about breakfast and hopefully, maybe, try a few of these tips to put some life back into breakfast, and moreover make an effort not to let kids skip, so that they are fueled and ready to learn at school. And for all those who have breakfast down to a science I applaud you, it took me a long time to get it figured out. ~Enjoy

                                      Banana Pecan pancake muffins with a 1/4 cup of brown sugar

                                                    Plain oatmeal with raisins and pecans

                                                       Frozen waffle with blueberries, and
                                              whip cream, strawberries on the side

                                             Blueberry pancake muffins

                                               Cinnamon Walnut pancake muffins

                                            Frozen waffle with peanut butter and apple slices

                                      My daughter made herself this for breakfast and even sliced her own potatoes                                                                          
                                        I still like eggs, bacon or omelets for breakfast, but usually only have time 
                                          for that on the weekends. Every now and then I will wake up super early
                                             on a weekday for a surprise big breakfast.