Low Carb Snacks with Foster Farms

During the day I like a quick and easy low carb snack. Foster Farms Refrigerated Grilled Chicken Breast Strips make it a breeze. I thought I would share two of my favorite weekday snacks. I have even made full dinners out of these with a “Build your own” night. The kids love doing that. One of my sons separates the ingredients and barely puts anything on his plate. The other stacks the ingredients as high as he can!

While preparing quick and healthy meals is always a priority, finding the time to do this when starting from scratch is often a challenge. Chicken, Breast Strips, Foster Farms, Low Carb, Easy Meals, #AD, AD

The skinless/boneless chicken strips are fully cooked and ready to eat. Foster Farms Refrigerated Grilled Chicken Breast Strips are offered in three delicious flavors: Grilled, Southwestern and Honey Roasted. The low-fat, high-protein strips make a perfect addition to salads, wraps, stir-fry, fajitas and more!

This first low carb snack is my absolute favorite. I used the Grilled Southwestern Chicken Breast strips. On a leaf of Romaine Hearts (used like a taco shell) I add refried black beans, sliced red and orange peppers, Chicken Breast Strips, sour cream then top with diced red onion and cilantro. It’s so delicious and so versatile. You can set out cheese, various types of salsa, guacamole and more.

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This next one has a Greek flair. Again start with Romaine Hearts. Use your favorite Chicken Breast Strips then add sliced red onion, feta cheese, sliced red pepper and Tzatziki sauce If you cannot find Tzatziki sauce you can make your own from recipes online. It is pretty easy to make. If you are not up to making your own chances are you can find cucumber dill dip in a local grocery store. Again you can set out tomatoes, Greek olives, various peppers and more. This is another delicious low carb snack that is super easy to put together.
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Disclosure: I received complimentary Foster Farms Refrigerated Chicken Strips and/or compensation for this post. As always all opinions are my own.