Low Carb Reuben – Yep, no bread.

That’s right, I am going Low Carb! Before I get into the Reuben I should probably tell a little bit about my low carb history. I was super skinny my whole life and never expected to have to alter my diet. I had my first child in my mid twenties and bounced back right away. That was however until I stopped breast feeding. I packed on the pounds quick and tried a few fad diets. For starters I could never stick to them. They were too restrictive and it was too dramatic of a change for me. And then even when I would buckle down and try hard I had no results. I simply gave up for a few years. In my early 30’s I had had enough. Even though I was not severely overweight I would say I was very chubby for my frame. About this time I had heard about Atkins and people making jokes about eating cheeseburgers and bacon all day and loosing weight. I figured there had to be more to it and purchased several books. After completing my research I decided to give it a try. I stuck very strict to the outlines of the books I had read. I lost weight and a lot of it. So much so that when I called a meeting with my employees to tell them I was pregnant again; they thought the meeting was to tell them I was ill. I did not restrict my diet at all during pregnancy and unfortunately gained all the weight back and more. But I got right back to it after he was born and lost 65 lbs. Guess what, I got pregnant again. And once again I gained it all back and more. Now that he is 8 time, poor eating habits and my medical condition have all contributed to weight gain. I even eat far less than I ever have because I have lost a lot of my appetite. Well here I am ready to try again. This time I am not going to be as rigid on an “Atkins” like program because with my medical condition the Mayo clinic recommends a specific anti inflammatory diet. I will be doing a combo of them both. On a typical day I don’t eat lunch meat but I was really craving a Reuben. I would call this meal a splurge. Too much cheese and sodium for an every day meal. But it was delicious and SO worth it. I do want to make it clear I do not endorse any particular diet. This is just what has worked for me in the past. I am looking forward to posting some of my splurge recipes and techniques. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Now to the Reuben! I fell in love with Reuben’s in my early 20’s. Some work friends took me to a place in Phoenix called the Miracle Mile Deli. Toasty grilled rye! A wall of sauerkraut! Corned beef for days! That thing was amazing! I was immediately in love. I soon learned how to make them and often make them for friends and family to rave reviews.

Fast forward to now and I was a few weeks into Low Carb’ing it and was craving a Reuben like crazy! Depending on cost I go between pastrami and corned beef. Turkey Pastrami was on sale so this is what I chose for this “un-sandwich”. Parchment paper has become my best friend. I can make all kinds of crispy cheese with it.

low carb, #lowcarb
Reuben Un-Sandwich
Parchment paper on baking sheet. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Lay slice of swiss right on parchment paper
Add slices of Pastrami (or corned beef)
Drain Sauerkraut of as much water as possible & Add as much as desired onto meat
*Note-I squeezed a lot of water out of the Sauerkraut
Add more meat
Add another slice of swiss
Low Carb, #LowCarb

Place in oven for about ten minutes or until cheese is melty. The way it looks in my photos. I like the cheese on top to bubble and brown a bit. I turn the oven to broil and watch it carefully. As soon as I see a few bubbles and a little browning I pull them out of the oven. I let it cool a little bit but all the way before using a spatula to remove from the parchment paper. Add a little Russian or Thousand Island Dressing and it’s ready to serve.

See the really fat one? That’s mine with a LOT of Sauerkraut.
#Lowcarb, Low Carb