Label it in Style! ~Kidecals

 We live in a house of future scientists, so when we received an offer to try Kidecals with the statement “Delightfully Versatile, Crazy Durable” all my kids really wanted to do was test the durable claim. When placing an order I decided to order them with my name and phone number because I need a few labels and I want to put my number on some of my business cards, which do not currently have my phone number listed. The smaller stickers were perfect to add to my cards. Picking a style was fun, there are so many to choose from but the kids helped steer me to the right style.
 So what are Kidecals? They are personalized, water proof, kids name labels and decals. However they have other items on their site like gift labels, doorbell stickers, wall decals, keyboard stickers, etc. How did we test the claim of crazy durable? Well we put our Kidecals on the things we use the most, my gym water bottles, my laptop and laptop bag, the teenagers cell phone and some of the kids clothes. We also put one on a plastic cup and kept it in the dishwasher for over a week.
The results?
Well I have to say that neither the washing machine not the dishwasher have been able to fade or destroy the Kidecals, as much as they have tried. As far as where I placed them on all my frequently used items, the stickers look exactly the same as the day I put them on. These seem perfect for camp, labeling all the sports items and all the back to school stuff we spend so much money on each year.

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Here are the photo’s of our experiments after trying to wear them down; still the same. Note: I blurred out my phone number.

So now the kids are ready to place their orders. My Daddy Twin wants his name on the soccer ball, my Wild Child wants the skull, and then Momma Twin wants Keycals for the kids computer and still has not decided on her label with her name on it. I would like to get some of the chalkboard stickers for my projects. I am also going to recommend the allergy labels for some of my friends kids who have serious food allergies. We have some browsing to do still.

Below are photo’s courtesy of the Kidecals Website:

                                                                  DIY Chalkboard

Disclaimer: I received complimentary Kidecals to review for this post. However all viewpoints are my own.