Italian Beef

When you think of Chicago style food, you may think of Hot Dog’s or Pizza but for me it is all about the Italian Beef. I am aware Chicago is a food mecca with far more than these items to brag about; but I absolutely LOVE Italian Beef, with lot’s of hot Giardiniera! I am not sure my husband would have survived my three pregnancies had it not been for Italian Beef. Anytime I was super cranky we would head out to Taste Of Chicago which was right across from where I went to high school and closed down a few years ago. That was also the first place I tried Italian Beef and since then I have tried everything from the amazingly wonderful to outright gross across the country. I did take a trip to Chicago and fit in getting my favorite sandwich as many times as possible during the few days I was there. Many years ago now another sandwich has creeped into my favorite spot, The Cuban Roast at Paseo in Seattle. But that is a whole story on it’s own, there is no where here in Arizona where I can get a sandwich like that, so while in town I can count on few places to get a good Italian Beef.

 If you live on the West side, before you head all the way out to the much anticipated Portillo’s in Scottsdale, I would like you to consider stopping by Joey’s of Chicago. I am not saying don’t drive all the way out to Portillo’s, I have done it and have no complaints, except maybe that is was PACKED, but that was expected. I, of course, ordered the Italian Beef; But my daughter got a burger and loved it.

Ok why try Joey’s of Chicago? It is closer and it is really good! I order my Beef, Wet with extra Giardiniera and it is perfect every time. The fries and hot dogs are my kids favorite and the prices are about what is expected. It is at times busy, but we have never had to wait long, the service was always friendly and quick. Joey’s has two locations in town. The one on Bell is much closer for us, even though it is still a bit of a drive.

Joey’s of Chicago
1985 W Happy Valley Road
Phoenix, AZ 85085
Joey’s of Chicago
6738 W. Bell Rd.
Glendale, AZ 85308

10574 N 90th St, Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

Where ever you end up going I hope you enjoy!! Bot these places are great for the family. 

                                                           Joey’s Italian Beef

                                                Here is the Cuban Roast at Paseo, just FYI…