Introducing #PushPlayEat!

If you follow CCtoMB on Facebook, Twitter or G+ you may have noticed a lot of chatter about #PushPlayEat! I am so excited that this new venture is up and running!! I am ecstatic to share it with all of you and hope you will join the party.

So what is #PushPlayEat? It started when I met these two people online, we had chatted a bit and all became Ambassadors for a Twitter party called #Foodiechats. We had such a blast talking food that we would often keep tweeting long after the party had ended. Almost always music would start weaving it’s way into the conversation and eventually we thought we would like to build on this and create a space where people can discuss all the ways food + music intersect.

We want to talk to bands and find out what they love to eat on the road or make at home. Delve into the foods they miss the most in their hometowns while they are away. We would love to speak with culinary professionals about the music they listen to for inspiration. We want to know what intrigues these artists both musically and in cuisine.

As three foodie friends who have a great passion for music and food, we can’t wait to make new food+music friends and share our discoveries from our home towns and across the nation!

Coming Soon!! Weekly #PushPlayEat chats with chefs to learn their favorite cooking tunes, where musicians and bands share what they love to eat on the road and the restaurants they prefer when in town for a show.

Check out our Spotify playlists to hear our favorite music when driving around looking for restaurants or cooking up a storm. Look for exclusive chef-created playlists featuring music they play in their kitchens and restaurants. Share music you love and get songs added to our playlists.

Share with us your favorite local bands and entice us with your favorite local fare – we love visiting new places and finding new tunes to move us! We cannot wait to hear from you all!

We are so lucky to live in a time when music and food are both in a thriving creative upswing. Where chefs and musicians are equally serious about the quality of their creations, regardless of the levels of their fame. We can’t wait to meet them – and share them with you!

#PushPlayEat is a venture between Dominick Costa, Steph Daigneault, and Lisa Comento. We hope you will stop by and get and check it out! Check out our Website, our Twitter, our Facebook, and our G+!