India Oven ~ Mesa, AZ

Before a concert Saturday night, my daughter and I were looking around for places to eat. My sister had told me about India Oven and said it was on the way, but we were not totally sure. We even passed by the place once and decided to go back. I am so glad we did, it was quite the experience. The food was really good, I loved the sizzling Tandoori chicken that they brought to the table. It was a buffet and had a pretty good selection of dishes. We loaded up our plates and loved the added touch of the hot, fresh Naan they brought to the table. But besides the good food this was probably the best service I had received in a long time, they were so friendly and right on top of what you needed, but not intrusive. We had an enjoyable dinner, ate everything on our plate and headed to the concert as happy campers! I was reading today about all the different regions of India and how the cuisine varies, geez I could spend forever trying all this wonderful food!
If anyone knows any good places on the west side for a taste of India, please let me know! So far both of my favorites are on the East side.