I baked!!! WOO HOO, and nothing burned.

Well I did it! I scoured the webesphere for some baked goods that did not seem too difficult and I came up with the items listed below. It was super easy and I actually did not burn a thing. I am not even sure why I ever had so much trouble with baked goods, except for the fact that they intimidated me. I also made Dill bread again and I will post that soon, it was fantastic. I smoked another turkey, this time using a brine. Made an herb stuffing, mashed potatoes. Then I also roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes. I was thrilled to have the whole family over on Christmas eve, I love spending time with everyone. We did an as seen on TV white elephant gift exchange and decided that as seen on TV items suck, so we will never do that again. (Even though it was funny)

I found Crinkle cookies with a Rolo suprise on: http://www.pipandebby.com

I made some with powdered sugar and some without, I like them without.

Then I found Graham Cracker pretzel salted toffee, renamed Sizzle snacks by my son over at: http://www.mommyssweetconfessions.com

It was so easy I made three large batches and my family ate them up like crazy!

Then I did an old stand by, peanut butter kisses, yum!

Then I received the most exciting gift from Santa, my dream mixer!! I cannot wait to try it out!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, got to see or at least speak with family and I wish everyone the best in 2013!

My cousin brought me this awesome picture of my Dad, this would be his 8th Christmas gone from us, but from wherever he is, I know he is overwhelmingly proud of his daughters and grandchildren!

*The photo in real life looks amazing, I thought I would take a picture of it’s new home.