Fun with Cookies

As I stated when I started this blog, baking was not something I was confident with. I am gaining confidence week by week and getting inspiration from all the great food blogs out there. My new addiction is reading blogs and I switched over to bloglovin for my daily feeds and so far I love it. It was easy to add blogs that I enjoy reading and I like the email I get at the end of each day with the wrap up of new posts. News on another front, I am willfully attending conference calls again, well Google+ hangouts and tweetchats. I found a cool Pinterest group and one for food blogging tips and I love them. It is great to have a passion again where I can learn something new every day.
Last week I just could not stop thinking about cookies. I knew a few things, I wanted to try a peanut butter cookie,  making a ganache and use almonds. I decided on two different cookies. I found a great recipe for Chewy Chocolate Almond cookies over at My Baking Addiction, another great blog:
I had an old Betty Crocker Peanut butter cookie recipe in with all my cooking stuff, that my mom used to make.
I searched around the internet until I found a cool blog with good instructions for the ganache, which was super easy to follow.

The Chewy Chocolate Almond cookies were outstanding and I need to make them again soon! My big idea to make Nutter Butter copy cookies with ganache as the filling was the most delicious baking mistake I ever made, in the end I decided that it would be good to make normal peanut butter cookies and drizzle them.

Baking the cookies was fun for sure, and tasting them was better, but by far the absolute best part is to hear the kids proudly tell their friends that we have some cookies for them to try, and that their Momma is a great cook. That is the best compliment I will ever receive.