Food Truck Friday ~ FTF

I know, I blog and/or post and talk a lot about food truck Friday, but there is a lot to say and I have not tried every truck yet, so it is going to take a while for me to get this out of my system. For starters it is easily accessible  it is down town, 14 E. Pierce  has a decent amount of parking; get there a little early and you will be just fine. Starts at 11:00am until 1:30pm. It is casual and the options are wonderful, it could use a bit more seating, but hey finding a spot is half the fun, right? The prices are very reasonable. I like to take a friend, this past Friday my son went with me. With a friend you can partner up to hawk out a seat and get your food in order to save time. My son and I walked around and although I had tried it before, he hadn’t so we choose Short Leash Hot Dogs. He wanted a corn dog, so I decided to do the same, except the adult version had jalapenos and cheese in it. YUM! Honestly he was not that great at scoping seats, but right as our food came a table opened up and we hopped right in. The corn dogs were great and we enjoyed the nice weather sitting and chatting. And then we decided to grab something at Torched Goodness, having also ordered here before I knew right away I wanted Sea Salt Caramel and as usual it did not disappoint. I really like Creme Brulee so that is sort of a slam dunk. Then on our way out we grabbed a Jamburito’s Chicken K-sadilla for my daughter, that this was huge! I have also tried Hey Joe, Luncha Libre and Sweet Republic. My only issue with this kind of set up is that when I find something I like, I want to get it over and over, so in this case I need to force myself to try out other options. I have yet to dislike anything, so it is probably good to force myself out of my comfort zone.
I follow the Phoenix Street Food Coalition on Facebook to find out all the food truck happenings around town. I really want to go to the Gilbert Farmers Market one of these Saturday’s and check out the scene there. And while I cannot go due to previous plans, I would LOVE to the Street Eats food truck festival this Saturday and Sunday, tickets are only $10, but they are going fast. That would be an absolute blast!