First week Fumbles

Over the weekend I did what any business minded mother would do, I laid out my daily strategy. I created a very detailed schedule for the kids, what time they wake up, get ready, eat breakfast, do homework, etc. I also laid out the benefits and consequences of meeting or not meeting the schedule deadlines. I called a team meeting and we went over the schedule in detail, I gathered some input from the kids, made some adjustments and we had our plan. On one hand I am going to say the plan went great, everyone woke up on time, my youngest, Aiden,  even consulted the schedule several times to ensure he was on track; however I failed to do two things, create and emergency back up plan, and create a detailed schedule for myself. Zack started getting sick Sunday night and  missed both Monday and Tuesday. We drove the 30 miles one way to our Doctor’s office (get one closer to home you say? no way, we have been going there since I was Zack’s age) and stopped to get some lunch, which took up a pretty large chunk of Tuesday. I had planned on cooking pork fajita style tostadas Monday night, but after realizing I forgot cheese and sour cream from the store, decided they could wait until Tuesday night. When I went to get ready to cook the tostadas Tuesday night I could not find any of the meat I purchased Sunday? After looking for a little while and worrying I may have gotten distracted and left it in the cart or worse in the car, Mattie chimed in and said she thought all the meat needed to go into the freezer. So tonight will be tostada night finally! And if all goes well tomorrow night I will smoke some ribs, which was supposed to happen Tuesday night. It all worked out, we had leftovers from Sunday (Roasted chicken and Sweet Potatoes) on Monday and Kielbasa and Cheesy rice with corn and broccoli on Tuesday. Now the more pressing matter, I said I would clean out and organize the office, when we moved here a year ago anytime we did not know what to do with something we put it in the office, paperwork is still packed up and I am sure a lot of this junk just needs to be thrown away or donated. So while I am typing this I can feel the office staring me down, wondering when I am going break down and do it!
For next week., I am making myself a schedule, better organizing my grocery list, having a back up plan for the unexpected and giving myself more time to cook and write.And of course post pictures.
I did find this week I have a new love, the walk/bike ride to and from school with the kids, it is fantastic!