FEZ and The Wedding

Last week I had two events right near the same location. Lunch at FEZ which is at 3815 North Central Avenue, and a friends wedding at The Clarendon Hotel, just a hop, skip and a jump over to 401 W. Clarendon Ave. Lunch was really good, the Lamb sliders had a nice rich flavor and the Chicken Phyllo Packets were filling and delicious. I also tried the spicy fries, which were good but very similar to something we make at home. I was watching as food was delivered to the various tables and there are for sure several other items I would like to try. The wait staff was friendly and the atmosphere was contemporary and despite all the dining professionals, it was quite relaxing. I can’t wait to go back, for sure worth the drive.

The Wedding was lovely, everyone looked beautiful, the roof top ceremony was unique and with the cold and rain, eventful. I am sure there are those that were concerned that the elements of nature ruined the service, but in my opinion it just made it as special as the couple getting married. No one will ever forget being at a reception where everyone had umbrellas. Besides the rain only came in small bursts, leaving plenty of time to just be out in the nice chilly air, enjoying drinks. They served spicy stuffed mushrooms, chips, ceviche, salsa and street tacos; these things are on my list of favorite foods for sure. The cake was so perfect, with its flowers, twigs and butterflies. In almost every wedding I have ever attended, there is a moment when the bride or a member of the loyal bridal party says “Oh no we forgot….” and by this time inevitably all the guests are having such a great time, no one is the wiser to whatever that forgotten item may have been. I had a great time, it was wonderful catching up with old friends, seeing one of my closest friends all dressed up, and witnessing two people who are so passionate about each other sign up for the deal of their life. I hope they enjoy!~