Favorite Coffee Spots

I am a serious coffee lover, I like to grind my beans, make my own concoctions and sit and enjoy my first cup like a rite of passage into the day. Just like with food I love stumbling upon great coffee places, you usually will not find me in a major chain unless I have no other choice or I happen to be grocery shopping and the lure of the coffee scent drifting around the store is too much for me to bare and I cave. What is interesting is that I did not find this passion until I was in my 30’s. My sister, went with other family member and friends on a trip to Italy. During their shopping adventures my sister stopped in a small shop and grabbed me a package of beans. At the time I did not have a grinder so I set the beans aside in a cabinet and forgot about them. One day while cleaning out the cabinets I decided to go pick up a cheap grinder after seeing the beans and not wanting them to go to waste. Upon grinding the beans and brewing a fresh batch, I knew my coffee drinking habits had changed forever. I savored each cup until I ran out and then headed out to find premium beans, the ones she got me were not labeled so to find them again proved impossible. Over the years I have tried many different types and flavors, trying to catch up on what I was missing all those years.
Mocha and Cinnamon are my two favorite flavors to add, I try others but typically fall back on these two both individually and combined  I use sugar free coffee flavors and they are kind of hard to find at major chains, but the smaller places always seem to have them. My favorites are the little coffee huts all over Washington and Oregon. You see them other places for sure, but for some reason most of the ones I have been to in those two states are superior both in the coffee they serve and the friendly faces in the huts.

My Favorite in Shoreline, WA just outside of Seattle is Java Jane, 14500 15th Ave NE. I have never been disappointed and they have too many sugar free flavors to count. Absolutely delicious.Always happy faces.

For those of you who know me, you will know that my favorite coffee house in Surprise, AZ is Sunsational Coffee at 15634 N Reems Rd. Ste 100. For starters they have a good cup of coffee, they also have delicious baked good and awesome specials. But what I like most of all is how nice and friendly they are, always in a good mood to kick your day off right. They have a good sugar free selection and the kids love their smoothies.

And now I think I have a new favorite in Phoenix, Elevate Coffee Company at 2530 W Happy Valley Rd Ste 1273, right by the movie theaters on the North side of Happy Valley. The atmosphere was relaxing in this rather large establishment, they had a totally separate area that was set up just like a living room might be, with a kids hang out section included. It was broken up nicely into different areas so it had a more homey feel to it no matter where you sat. The coffee was delicious and the staff was nice and helpful, which as you can tell to me is important. Who wants to go to a coffee place where they make you feel like you are not cool enough to even be there, not me.

For right now these are in my top four, #1 being now and probably for always the cup I have at home. I love my own coffee and honestly would prefer it any day. But to be honest the wait staff in my kitchen is not friendly and at times almost hostile! Well, that is, until after one cup is consumed.

I would love it if you could message me your favorite coffee place, no matter where it is located. I get all over the valley to see family and I try to travel as often as I can and would love to try out your favorites. You would be surprised how far I will travel for a hot coffee or food tip. ~Thanks!!



                                           Four Berry Smoothie at Sunsational

                                                     Mine! 🙂