Farmers’ Market(s) Saturday & Food Trucks!

I have enjoyed a good farmers’ market for as long as I can remember, the fresh produce, arts and various wares. The fact that the food trucks and markets have combined is just that much more appealing to me. I think Phoenix and the surrounding cities has a great food truck presence and just about everything I have tried off one of them is fantastic. My friend Anita and I keep planning to do a lot of things (hike for example) and things always get in the way. Much like I used to, she travels a lot for work and pinning down dates can be rough, but a little better now that we are not trying to coordinate when both of us will be in town on the same dates. One of the things we have been trying to plan out was hitting some of the farmer’s markets in town and this Saturday panned out to be a perfect day for it. We really wanted to get over to the Gilbert Farmers’ Market, but my sister, who lives out that way, has strep throat and I said we would wait until she is better. We WILL get out there someday! I mentioned to Anita about going to the Downtown Phoenix Public Market and she suggested the Central Farmers’ Market so I just said “Let’s hit them both!” You might remember me mentioning the Phoenix Public Market in the past and that is because it is also the location of Food Truck Friday, one of my favorite local events. Besides the fresh produce there are a lot of really great booths there with everything from soaps, to olives, cheese, meat, salsa, sauces, honey, jam, art, clothing and accessories and much more. This is a wonderful place to find someone a unique gift, or just stock up on some fresh local items. The best part was that everyone was handing out samples, way more than Costco and far less hassle. I enjoy the friendly, relaxed atmosphere and even the live music. Anita has never tried Filipino food so I purchased some Lumpia from the Hey Joe food truck. This is the truck responsible for my interest in food trucks, so I like to introduce people to it when I have the chance. Fiscalini cheese was there and we tried several samples and we both ended up buying the Horsefeathers. I made burgers and put the Horsefeathers on the bun, wow, it was so good. Then we decided to head up to the Central Farmers’ Market. I was looking forward to going there anyway, but when Anita spotted the Island Loco truck, I think my heart skipped a beat! I keep missing this truck and wanted to try the Malasadas, especially since my best food friend E keeps sending me pictures of them! We tried to casually walk down one isle but I could not take it anymore, I dragged Anita across the market to the Island Loco truck and ordered the Malasadas  Mmmm nice hot fresh! After that was done I could once again concentrate on the market. At Better Than Good (German chocolate cakery) we were offered a sample of the Gluten Free German chocolate cake. Man she is not kidding, it was better than good, so rich and buttery! I purchased a small cake. We then tried some samples at Just like Nana’s Salsa; I ended up getting a tub of Salsa and Anita purchased both their red and green chile .There are really great markets all over the valley each weekend,and even some weeknights, I suggest you seek one or a few out and go check them out.

The remainder of my day ended up being pretty hectic, so it was nice to have such a pleasant chunk of the day where I could relax and really enjoy myself and the markets.


                                           German Chocolate Cake


This was the kind of weather we were dealing with off and on all weekend. 
And a little chilly for us from AZ. 
Rain and Sun