Eastwind – Sushi – North Phoenix

Eastwind – Sushi – at Tatum and Thunderbird

My kids love sushi, but the problem with a lot of sushi places is they do not feel all that kid friendly. The staff is usually fine, but you get the feeling the other patrons are there to get away from kids. But not at Eastwind, at Tatum and Thunderbird in North Phoenix, not too far from Paradise Valley Mall. We have been going there a long time and have never been disappointed. The prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is comfortable and it is actually my daughters first choice of places to go eat. At lunch it is very casual, seat yourself dinning and then at Dinner they do full table service. My husband and I have been a couple times for a date night. I do not love sushi, but the Tan Tan noodles are my favorite and I either get that or some sort of steak. The kids meal is what my youngest gets and it is different enough from your average kids meal to make him feel like he is trying something new. My daughter and middle son are more adventurous and want to try new items every time. Here are some photo’s from our trip there this past Saturday. The chili wings are a new addition and were really tasty.

                                                      Kids Meal

  • 13637 N Tatum Blvd Ste 30
  • Phoenix, AZ 85032-6465