Don’t have time to make Green Chile Pork? Yes you do!

Something I do quite often is stock up on items we use all the time. When ever Black Beans, sauces, canned chiles, spices, salad dressings, etc go on sale I try to grab several so that at any time I can whip up a good meal without having to run to the store. I also do this with meat and keep it in the freezer until I need it. All the ingredients for this meal I got at Safeway (on sale) except the roast, which I got from Costco.This week I pulled out two small pork roasts, about 3-4 lbs total and let them thaw. I went to the pantry to see what I could make of it. I had some Macayo’s brand green chile enchilada sauce, and as I always do, I had refried black beans, white corn tortilla’s and some green chiles. Right away I knew I would make the recipe below, Easy Green Chile Pork. I make a party sized green chile often, to take to a pot luck or family event, this is not that recipe and I will post that soon. I intend to make a large batch and freeze it so when my sister and her family are in town from Seattle we have several quick and easy meals. This one, however, turned out pretty good, and my middle son Zack approved, so it gets in the blog. The crock pot was very convenient for me to use when I was working, I could put something on in the morning when I left for work and could get a meal together easily when I got home. Enjoy!

For those who are interested in what is going on with my boys, this week they got into a cologne fight!! I guess it was all fun and games until they started aiming for the eyes. BOYS!! Oh and Steve, if you read this, we may need to go buy you some new cologne. Or not? I prefer not!

 Easy Green Chile Pork
Pork Roast 3-4 lbs
2 cups chicken broth
Macayo’s Green Chile Enchilada Sauce
1- 7 oz can chopped green chiles
1/2 diced red onion
6 large cloves of garlic
1 Tbsp Menudo mix
1 tsp Ancho Chile pepper
1 tsp red pepper

Put all ingredients in the crock pot, cook on high. When done roast will fall apart easily with a fork. Serve any way you like, we decided on make your own taco’s. I set out cheese, sour cream, salsa verde, diced onion, beans and white corn tortilla’s.

Refried Black Bean
I make this simple and versatile side of black beans all the time, for tostada’s, served with chicken, along with pork roast, by itself or mixed with rice. It is very filling and I love it.

Rosarita Refried Black Beans, two 16 oz cans.
1 can El Pato Salsa de Jalapeno
Usually I add about 1/3 diced onion, a few diced jalapeno’s and a hand full of shredded cheddar cheese. But since I was going to make taco’s and all those ingredients would be on the side to add at will, I decided to leave them out this time.

Add beans and sauce to a sauce pan, smash the beans with a potato masher until smooth. Cook on medium heat until warm. Add other ingredients if you like, and it is as simple as that.

                                          Taco’s are ready!

                                          Cooking in the crock pot.

                                            Potato masher for the black beans.

                                          What I had in my pantry –

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  1. October 19, 2012 at 11:22 am

    Yum, I’ve been craving some mexican food bad! And this sounds like it will be perfect! I ordered some no/low carb tortilla’s on line and I just bought the “Perfect Tortilla Pan Set” (the one you see on TV) where you bake the tortilla bowls instead of frying them. xoxoxo

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