District American Kitchen ~ Summer Bar Menu

I am very excited to post this press release from District American Kitchen and Wine Bar in Phoenix, Arizona. A few months back I got to meet Matt and have a few of his drinks. They were fantastic and he was nice and I could tell loving mixing up awesome drinks. Hopefully you will get a chance to check it out either Thursday or sometime soon.

District American Kitchen, AD, Cocktails, Phoenix, Arizona

Mixologist Matt Tobey offers guests a cooling summer cocktail featuring liquid nitrogen

On Thursday, July 31 District American Kitchen and Wine Bar at Sheraton Phoenix

Downtown Hotel will host Get Frozen, a happy hour event inviting cocktail enthusiasts

to head downtown and cool off while enjoying Mixologist Matt Tobey’s new summer

cocktail menu. Guests will receive a sample of one of his latest creations, complimentary

appetizer, and listen to the smooth tunes provided by DJ Amber Giles.

Matt will feature a new drink called Peaches for Two, a peach and watermelon Bellini

made with Gloria Ferrer sparkling wine that is frozen with the help of liquid nitrogen,

which gives this drink a cool and smooth texture. Guests can sample the drink as they

watch Matt concoct this frozen delight through the cool smoky haze of the liquid nitrogen.

Guests are invited to explore the new cocktail menu for delicious drinks like Dram the

Gin featuring house made all spice dram, fresh pear and rosemary; Arizona Gold, a

tequila shandy with Papago Brewery Orange Blossom Ale and Grand Marnier; and the

Sonoran Sling- a spin on the classic cocktail with Arizona Distilling Company’s Desert

Dry Gin, prickly Luxardo syrup, and cherry brandy. Happy hour menu items and drinks

will also be available for purchase.

Complimentary three-hour self-parking validation will be available.

Event cost is $10 upon entry. Please confirm attendance here: http://on.fb.me/1mkxXHW

Thursday, July 31, 2014

5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

District American Kitchen and Wine Bar, in the Wine Room

320 N. Third Street, Phoenix AZ 85004


ad, District American Kitchen, Arizona, Phoenix



• 10 oz Gloria Ferrer Sparkling Wine

• 6 oz house made peach and watermelon puree

• 2 watermelon triangle slices for garnish

• Chambord float

• Liquid nitrogen


1. Put on safety goggles.

2. Add puree and sparkling wine to bottom of large mixing bowl.

3. Pour liquid nitrogen into mixing bowl and stir slowly.

4. Stir until nitrogen dissipates completely and left with a semi-frozen mixture

5. Spoon into a Burgundy wine glass.

6. Garnish with watermelon triangles

Puree Recipe:

• 2 cups white sangria soaked peaches

• 2 cups of watermelon chunks

• 5 oz of Peach Schnapps

• 5 oz of simple syrup

Add all ingredients into a blender and puree. The Peaches for Two cocktail is meant to be shared and will be available for $18 at District American Kitchen and Wine Bar throughout the summer season.
Photo Credit: Kelley Karnes.