Deviled Egg Dip ~ People are funny

I had been checking out Pinterest around Easter when I saw deviled egg dip, and I thought GENIUS ! Why have I never thought of that before. I have a “go to” recipe, and always dislike the de-shelling and slicing the egg part, I want it to look good too and so many times it does not and I set aside several eggs for salad later. I took the dip to two parties, the Easter brunch and my BFF’s clam bake. Got thumbs up at both. The easy way to say how to make this dip is to take your favorite deviled egg recipe and throw it in the food processor! Genius!! We served with buttery wheat crackers which was perfect. I will post my deviled egg recipe in case you do not have one, but first I need to talk about three great laughs I had this weekend.

I took my daughter to KUKQ’s “That Damn Show” on Saturday night. I actually attended nearly all of their first events when they were launching their radio station and was sad to see them go off the air, however the streaming version online is better than the radio station had been in many years. I love and enjoy live music but nearly equal to the show is the people watching. People make me smile, laugh, worry and take one to two steps back at times. So my daughter, friends and I joyfully show up ready to spend nearly the whole day beating the heat, having a few drinks and enjoying the live music.
To set up the first humorous situation I need to say I have some fairly new Converse shoes, and if you have ever worn a new pair all day you know the arch of your foot can really get beat up. So I bought a pair of squishy insoles, which were nice and squishy, but also allowed for a little foot slip with my socks on. I mentally noted this but did not do any calculations on how it could negatively effect me later. So we arrive at the show, deciding what to do first, scout out an acceptable seating area or grab drinks/food, I am sure you can guess which we decided to do first, but we wanted to check out the whole area. We are walking over to the main stage I am shuffling tickets, money and my phone around in different pockets when one of my toes hits the curb (like a 1/2-1 inch lip) and launch forward. After the first step I think I can regain balance but upon my foot hitting the ground it slips a bit inside the shoe and I realize I will need another step to catch balance, but that foot hits the ground and slips inside the shoe again, 2, 3, 4 times this happens in what seems like slow motion and I think to myself, “falling is going to be the only way to stop this” and dive into the jaded concrete my left hand hits the ground palm down and I spin myself onto my backside just in time to see the horrified look on my daughter and friends faces as they bust out into laughter. I imagine if I were looking at it from their vantage point I would be laughing too. Rick said it looked like some weird flying ballet move. I popped up as fast as I could and said “I have not even had a drink yet!” Only my palm was scrapped and other than a tinsy bit embarrassed I was just fine. And the show was fantastic!! We had a blast. I am actually kind of glad I fell because then I think I can laugh at the next two things with a fairly clear conscious.
Later in the afternoon I head to the restroom, there is a little bit of a line and a totally normal looking young girl in about her 20’s, nicely dressed is in front of me and we both get a stall at about the same time, and consequently exit at around the same time both heading straight for the sink to wash our hands. Again we finish at just about the same time and both head over to the one paper towel holder on the wall. She gets there just seconds before me and reaches up and grabs a small corner sticking out of the bottom. I am sure I was looking at her with a perplexed look on my face because she continues to tug on it and says to me “It’s stuck!” I have no idea what to say to this and kind of think she might be messing with me and instead place my hand up in front of the sensor, without taking my eyes off her just in case, she exclaims “OH!” as I stand there still not thinking of anything I could say. This made me laugh multiple times through the rest of the evening, how does someone get to be in their 20’s and not have encountered a motion sensor paper towel holder?
Lastly after the show we make the long trek home. Rick is driving and several of the passengers want Jack in the Box. As we arrive in the drive through everyone is barking out their orders and Rick really has no idea what anyone wants, so he just starts ordering a bunch of random items when he says “A dozen taco’s”, the employee comes over the loud speaker and says “Did you want 12 or 24 taco’s?” At this point it could have been he just did not hear Rick, who then repeats, “I will take a dozen taco’s.” but the guy then repeats “So, do you want 12 or 24” emphasizing the numbers. We all completely bust out laughing while Rick tries to calmly state “12, I want 12 taco’s” In the guys defense he was super nice and we were being a little obnoxious, but it was still pretty funny.
Well I hope that gave you at least a little bit of a chuckle, and here is the recipe I used for the dip.

Deviled Egg Dip

Place in food processor –
1/2 diced radish
1/2 diced yellow onion
1 cup mayo
1/2 Tbsp yellow mustard
1/2 Tsp dry mustard -ground superfine
1 tsp minced garlic
1/3 cup Frank’s Redhot
1 Tbsp relish
Pinch of salt and pepper to taste
1 Dozen large eggs

Blend in processor or blender until a smooth dip consistency. Serve with crackers.

My daughter made this in ceramics, cool!

My shoes did double as a cup holder –

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