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 Sometimes you get in a rut. Date night turns into dinner and maybe movies or a new bar. When you have kids most times you’d just rather stay at home and order food and a movie. Modern Round is a new twist on Date Night! A virtual shooting gallery that also has amazing food makes Modern Round something new that you have to try. Modern Round has shooting for every experience level.

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After a short safety video and introduction to the weapons you are shown the different options for shooting. Don’t be afraid of the “weapons” because these are simulated. Meaning they look and feel like the real deal. Several even simulate the kick back you get when shooting. I have been shooting at a real range since I was a young kid and I can attest that these are very realistic in the look and feel. Also when I say “shooting” remember I mean virtually. There are simulations of realistic style shooting, games and skills practice. The games are as simple as the old school duck hunt all the way to a pretty rowdy zombie game. I was literally sweating while trying to shoot zombies. It was that intense. I loved it. I have not had that much fun in a really long time.

#MediaInvite, #virtualshootinglounge, #ModernRound, #ShootEatSip

As if the awesome virtual shooting range was not enough the food was also amazing. I have been to entertainment restaurants all over the country. Race tracks, paint ball fields, golf courses and sports plazas all usually have some sort of attached restaurant. None that I have been to have had food as good as Modern Round. Each dish had such dynamic flavors and fresh ingredients. They have some more innovative and trendy dishes but even something as simple as their meatballs appetizer was delicious. I liked everything so much that I have no idea what to order when I go back. I don’t normally order dessert but I want that Ice Cream Sandwich again. It’s also a swanky upscale looking bar. So besides the good food they also have some great signature cocktails. One of those cocktails, not found on any menu, is the Malibu Mermaid. This refreshing coconut drink with some sweet & hot notes was pretty great.

#MediaInvite, #virtualshootinglounge, #ModernRound, #ShootEatSip

I would certainly go to Modern Round for a Date Night. But I also think it would be awesome for a girls night out, team building, bachelor/bachelorette party, adults birthday/anniversary party or any event where you want to kick up the fun factor. Located on the west side in Peoria, Arizona it’s easily accessible from anywhere in the valley off the 101 freeway.

#MediaInvite, #virtualshootinglounge, #ModernRound, #ShootEatSip

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8320 W Mariners Way, Peoria, AZ 85382




I was invited to Modern Round as a Media Preview. As always all opinions are my own.

#MediaInvite, #virtualshootinglounge, #ModernRound, #ShootEatSip



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    This sounds like a blast! M and I will have to check it out!

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