Crazy plant lady

I have heard of crazy cat ladies, however me being allergic to cats I really never thought I would become one of them. Except for the fact that I have recently acquired quite a few new plants and I am probably sinking a little to much time into their care, turning slowly into a crazy plant lady. While I was working I could never keep plants alive, I would always start out with the best intentions and then get busy, or have a hectic travel schedule only to come home to another dead plant. It does make me very happy to see them grow and flourish, much like it did when I was investing my time into employees. My new venture is an herb garden, I cannot wait to use the Dill on the deviled eggs for Thanksgiving. I am actually happy I was put in charge of deviled eggs since I am doing Christmas dinner this year, it will be a nice little break. I also intend on conquering baking this year. I can make something decent when baking but it is for sure the weakest of my cooking skills. I would like to bake up treats for friends, family and neighbors and that will all depend on if I am happy with my results.

I went to a fantastic party this weekend. The food was amazing, as I expected since it was at the home of my best food friend. All the guest were interesting and outgoing. I snuck a few good food photo’s but by the time the main dish was served (crab boil with corn, potatoes, sausage) I had indulged in too many spirits to remember to take a photo, however I can assure you it was delicious.

Well, I wonder how many more plants I can sneak into the house before my husband calls me out on this sickness? I actually realized it has been a long time since I have been able to have a real hobby. I had forgotten how relaxing it can be to pour your attention into something where the outcome is of no dire consequence. I would like to say I do not miss the regimented corporate life, but that is more than likely untrue since I have created a schedule for myself which leaves many clues to the contrary. I will however really enjoy this week with my family, more so than I have in many years past due to the hectic scheduling that led up to each holiday. This year I am committed to relish in every moment.