Corn Bread Muffins and Crazy Bones

I am trying out corn bread muffins today, that I want to freeze for my sisters visit over Christmas to be eaten with the green chile pork I will be making tomorrow and also freezing. While letting the dough rise I headed to the school to get the kids and like most trips home there had to be some adventure. My sweet little Aiden went over to see if his Coyote was hanging out at the greenbelt. (yes he calls it “My” coyote) Thank goodness he was not there but Aiden came running towards me yelling the coyote had left bones behind, and of course, my boy needed to pick them up while the three other boys walking with us yelled for him to drop the bones, and ewww gross and sick, etc. It sort of looked like the hips and legs of a small rabbit picked clean. So gross, so we brought him home and scrubbed and sanitized him. Aiden, not the rabbit bones.
So this is what the post today is really about, I did finish up the Corn Bread muffins which were ok, but not light enough or flavorful enough for what I was trying to accomplish, so more research and more trying until I get it just right. These will still be good dipped in green chile, which I will be sure to post about tomorrow  I am doing the full, for company, long version.

If anyone has any fantastic corn bread recipes, let me know. I would love to give them a try.