Clam Bake and my new outlook

I had a great time at my friends clam bake this weekend. Brian and Rick did most of the cooking, lot’s of people brought great side dishes or appetizers, and I brought the past salad I posted earlier. We even tried some cherry moonshine, does not go down easy if you are wondering. As soon as I found out Rick bought the cherry moonshine at Total Wine, and did not get it brewed in some bath tub in Tennessee, I was willing to try it. At least that is my story. Family, friends and I all need to have more barbecue’s, picnic’s pot luck’s and just general get together’s. It is wonderful to be around family and friends for a little while, catch up and unwind. Last week I was watching a program where Deepak Chopra was being interviewed. He said that everything we see is a dream, and the reason is we spend so much time thinking about the past or the future that we do not see what is right in front of us, and that we should “wake up”. I had to admit to myself that I am very guilty of that. I know I cannot change the past, but I sometimes think of ways I could have, I also have a lot of great memories I like to relish in a little, maybe too much. And then there is the future, always staring me down like a hungry wolf. I am going to make a more conscious effort to live in the right now. Not thinking about the past, and not worrying about the future, just experiencing all of what right now has to offer. I know it will not be easy, and of course I cannot forget what I have learned in the past, or stop keeping a sharp eye on where my path leads me into the future, but it sure sounds reasonable and enjoyable to me to live in the now. On my walk to school I was thinking about when I went to Hawaii, and every flower, tree and wild life was met with awe and wonder. I viewed everything as so beautiful, when really what it was more than anything is different. There are beautiful things around me every day. I have just seen them so much I am desensitized to it. Not any more, I am also going to try and enjoy all the amazing things around me at all times each and every day, no matter where I happen to be at the moment. As well as confront and digest the ugly or tragic things and experience them for what they are in my life. Well hopefully this was not to deep of a post, I know I am normally funny and light heart-ed, and still am, just trying to tune up the old brain and soul. Enjoy the photo’s from the clam bake. I am cooking some Green Chile pork, if that turns out good, I will post the recipe. If not I will find something else in a hot hurry!